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Tips on Double Penetration Creampie

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Stop stressing over COCK SIZE...


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Eroticism is pleasure

Here you will find the crazy things that lead my life. Guides to being a hot wife, amongst others.

Never a Dull Moment

Do you think you have what it takes to handle this? All Goddess baby.

Guides, Articles and Pics

Outspoken, guides on double penetration and the views of sex from a female point of view.

Adult Blogger

Not your average model. I am all about the adult lifestyle, the sexual connection one can feel and the pleasure in the world. My mission is very simple, to share my adult lifestyle with the rest of the world. From swinging to hotwifing, being sexually active is what I love and sharing it with the fans is my pastime.


I started modeling in 2009 and ever since it has become one of my greatest achievements. Published in printed magazines, book covers and internet featured, modeling went from past time to work. A side hobby connected my high sexual drive with a true passion. Every single video and picture on my website feature one single model, ME.


It is truly a lifestyle to lead a hotwife in the daily. Getting ready to go out and have him expect me back with a creampie thong from another man only for him to lick it up shows him I AM the boss. From mistress to a true Goddess, the lifestyle has brought me to the dominatrix shores and shown me who I truly am. I am outspoken, very sincere and do not hold back but deep down I'm super sweet. Get to know me ;)

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Why am I here?
To share my life stories with you guys. To guide you through the journey of the sex lifestyle. Be it Dominatrix, how to get your wife into hotwifing, double penetration, cuckolding, how to anal properly, all from the female perspective and the way I have lived my own experiences so you can guide from them. Some of my articles are guides I have compiled from good and bad experiences, good and bad dates, and simply that female friend you can always count on. Im just an E-mail away ;)

How to Double Penetration creampie

There are hidden pleasures in everything sexually related but double penetration has to be the most rewarding of all sex. Written from a female perspective I believe we have the best of both worlds. Truly there are an incredibly amount of positions and possibilities but in this article I’ll focus on the two primary ones. I guess you can call me the queen of double penetration because I happen to love it, it is exhilarating. It makes your toes curl, your voice literally changes, your words don’t even make sense when you are orgasming. It’s more of a gibberish, moaning, …
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Penis Size no stress

  Ok guys so this is long overdue and I’m writintg this because of the overwhelming amount of emails I’ve gotten based on this. In a quick sentence, STOP STRESSING OVER PENIS SIZE. An insane amount of people have been asking me about how they feel inadequate and why they feel they couldn’t please a girl because they’re under 8″. I wrote my articles based on personal preference but that doesn’t mean you guys cannot satisfy someone. If the girl hasn’t had any dicks bigger than their arm which odds are pretty low she has, then you are good. The …
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