So i learned this the “hard” way lmao and i decided to write a lil sum on the female G-spot.

To me sex has always been about the experiences, and to me its been about my bisexual experiences and the ones with old boyfriends. Sex isnt just about a clitoral orgasm or “rubbing one out” its about that perfect most intense sensation deep in your core.

The first time i had one of these was on my senior year in school, my muscles tensed i felt this warmth inside that was spreading to each one of my muscles and my body, my toes curled and my hands were just grasping anything within sight, my breathing went from heavy to weak and i felt like each breath i took in was bringing me into a new world of pleasure. in a few words i felt like i was going to pass out from the orgasm.  oh and i squirted so much, over five times, his bed was soaked for a while lol. (that was a first too).

Tips about the G-Spot.


Not the same for everyone, i’ve been experienced with a few women myself and i have come to the conclusion that every woman isnt built the same way but we are all very similar 😉

About 3 inches from the opening of the vagina in the upper wall lies a beautiful walnut shaped gland 🙂 oh and when he/she touches it, it makes you feel like your legs twitch on their own, your soul has been kissed. Usually i like to reach it with my two middle fingers and leave the index and pinkie out, curl them upwards so they are touching with a light pressure on her spot and instead of fingering her to an orgasm make like a come here motion towards the outside. Firm pressure usually does it, i love starting out slow and move up speed as i kiss her neck or have her kiss my boobs while im playing with it.

2. Speed isnt just for cars…

Every time, i have seen that the pressure has lots to do with it and you must start out slow but when you build up the rhythm my partners have cum harder when i just go hard and fasttttt, you cant stop or let your arms get numb cause if u stop mid orgasm, oh thats a killer lol.

3. Things Can Get Wet. 


it isnt just a myth, i have experienced it many times (actually more than you can imagine) and have had lovers that have experienced it as well (and loved it i must add). When you apply pressure like that to the G-spot it seems like it builds up the juices inside a girls body im not sure anatomically what it does but i do know from experience what it feels like. A warm sensation builds up and you feel like your regular orgasm just got into some serious steroids lol.

your muscles tense and you cant even scream cause its a sensation of ecstasy where you lose your mind, eventually all my muscles relax and in the process my lover usually keeps going hard and fast on the pressure against  my g-spot, suddenly i feel the need to release it, when i cum from a g-spot orgasm my pussy squirts like crazy usually bending my back into an arch and my legs twitching, its almost unreal how strong and good that feels. Its fantastic how much you can get addicted to those, i own a few vibrators that are specifically for that kind of orgasm. Btw your lady might feel the same way after you discover her spot, i have reached it with other various (not about to say my number 😉 ) and they all have loved it, about eighty percent have squirted but its not necessary for the pleasure to be complete.


Emily Salazar.


4 Responses to 3 Tips about female G-Spot
  1. Vic

    March 27, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    OMG I have never seen a more perfect body and more seductive pose than the one above (white thong with black stripes). With that picture and reading your G-spot orgasm I am finding my self fully engorged. Is their any way you can e-mail me a high res of that pic, preferably with you beautiful face in the shot? P.S. Thank you for giving so much pleasure to the eye and imagination.

    • March 31, 2012 at 10:07 am

      🙂 i should b posting more as i get a lil more time, i work a whole lot. I like writing about my own personal experiences that might show others the way with their girls. What pic, send me an email through my contact page.

  2. April 26, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    I run into a lot of girls that just dont want to go that far they think its…not sure squirting all over I love to see it but cant convince them to try it out. Done a lot of naughty kinkiness down right oh man yea…but till cant find my squirter.

    • April 27, 2012 at 12:31 pm

      It’s like a weird feeling of having to pee and cumming lol. It’s hot if u were to ask me. The first time felt very odd and after it happened I was shaking and barely breathing apparently I soaked the bed and everything around lol. But I hope u get the experience one day, amazing.

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