Dear Diary, So i wrote backseat fuck cause it wasn’t even sex, it was just a fuck. A good hard fuck.
“Get in the car, i wanna have sex in some parking space” i remember telling him. Most of you guys already know me and know how i like it, Kinky and sexy. He agreed and off we went.
There wasn’t any glamour other than my office outfit that i had just gotten home in from work. Pink panties, black skirt, thigh high stockings and 5″ black heels, a cute white blouse and my hair straight down.
Nothing like the thrill of sex in the back of some factory or some hiding spot… we know a few lol.
Parked, and to the back seat asap. I just wanted it i couldnt believe i was wet before we even pulled into the place. I mean there was a lot of wetness going on so no judging lol. we both sat down side to side and i didtnt even take the time to chit chat, His sweat pants came right off and his dick was hard before i touched him. He knew why i took him there, wifey knows the good side of life.

A quick lick, just enough to get him wet as much as i could fit in my mouth and on top of him i got. Lets just say i came within a minute. The thrill of us doing it so publicly, the excitement and just sheer sex. His cock going so deep i could barely move cause it was rubbing my cervix, i loveeee it. We were there for over an hour and every single window of the car fogged up, right now there are dried droplets of water (sweat) on the inside of the windows, not fun to clean to tell u the truth. But if there was a camera at that place, the windows did their job lol. a few hair pulls, ass slaps and cock spitting, he got his quick too cause you either cum fast or u don’t cum, don’t wanna get caught.
Back to the house lol.

 Emily Salazar

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