Ever since i was a little girl in Puerto Rico, I wanted to be just like Barbie. Growing up, i used to think she was the most beautiful of all dolls, one that every little girl wanted to be like. I wanted to be just like her, little did i know i would grow up and shape up like that. I think in the back of every girl’s mind thanks to this crazy society, the normal is for you to think you need to be perfection, slim, skinny, gorgeous, blonde with blue eyes, etc… I had the blue eyes but i was normal in weight, nothing crazy, at age 12 I remember looking like any other 12 year old. Not ready for runways lol. I was always light on the hair and i had a ton of dolls to play with, I’m talking about over 50 Barbies bought to me by my parents for my sister and myself. As i grew a little older i realized that subliminal message had sunk in, i was all about glamour. I wanted everything to do with the glamour world, the hair, the make up, the shoes had to match the belts. From matching jeans to mini skirts that matched my hair bands, I was obsessed with looks and glam. I didn’t really start to become a gym addict until later on in life, probably 18 when i started seeing my own body took shape and gave me a head start on what would be the base for what i am today.

I had officially adopted this  lifestyle, where clothing and beauty were kings. Men in my life had come and go as the result of this, but none ruled more than my self love. I was Queen of my own domain, scratch that I AM Queen of my own domain as it stands today. I went from being this sweet baby doll girl that played with her dolls, to being the doll myself. I had by then turned my hair blonde, everything else was natural. From the look to the clothes, down to who i was a girly girl in every way. Something changed one day, I’m not sure exactly when it was, i believe it was somewhere around the time when i became sexually active and i realized i had so much power and control within me. I was not only queen of my domain, but as it turns out i was Queen of many others domain’s. My hair went darker, my attitude was not that of the innocent but pretty girl. It was a more aggressive, can do type of girl that was ready to take on the world alone and make it spin on my hand. I was now a glamour addict, that had gone to school, graduated and was now at this nice job. Power was the next thing to fall into my lap, and i was not ready to let it go away.

It is funny, when I look at Barbie, it reminds me of who i was and who I am now. It all started because of a cute look i wanted to have, but many hours at the gym, and my passion for glamour had turned me into some sort of Barbie. Needless to say, I have always been that type of girl, the one that has a light side on the outside filled with cuteness and sweetness. My friends know this side, and then i have the bitch inside of me. Mean as you can only imagine, without a doubt ready to tell off anyone i don’t like and not feel remorse right after that. It is a darker side that has been brewing inside this Barbie girl, the side that evens out who I am but that defines me with my own personality. It is who I am, and now that i skimmed through half of my life for you guys, you know a little bit more about me that you did yesterday. There is so much more into my life you’ll get to know as this blog develops,,,,, from swinging, to married, to exploring life,,,, I am that Barbie Doll with a unique twist and without an EmO bone in my body i can truly say my personality is one you won’t find out there in the world….

Have a nice Saturday my peeps 🙂

Emily Salazar.

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  1. Joe

    February 12, 2014 at 4:12 am

    That is awesome, glamour Barbie. Reminds me of when I read “Bare” by Elizabeth eaves, it’s about her time as a stripper before she became a writer. She said she had total power on stage and men would beg for her attention, she loved it. I’m sure you could write a novel about weak men you’ve had influence over.

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