What sets off your inspiration?

Is just being fit what does it for you? Is having a great healthy mentality your muse?

For many people out there the inspiration has and will always be the physical aspect of fitness. Their motivation and what pushes these people will be the never lying mirror, that enemy that every once in a while one looks at only to feel sadness. Type of mentality that has only lead to self-conscious whipping to the personality. For a workout to have the greatest effectiveness there will have to be a key factor, determination. To know what you want to reach and where you want to be, to realize what level you want to reach.

In my case workouts have become a part of my life, I realized that welcoming a workout was not enough if it was not going to be a part of me. I needed a big determination and what I wanted to reach. Hence the Big Booty inspiration. I live in and out of the gym, no I do not go there to mingle although it is an issue to workout without some random straggler wanting to get the phone number using some random pick up line or “helping out with workouts”. I love living life by the hashtags #fitspiration #fitness and #healthyeating . It was not overnight that this happened, i’ve worked hard for what I have. Although I was gifted when born with more than average boobs (double D) and a normal booty, my hips were wider than average since i was little so i took advantage of that and worked out my booty into the shape it is in today. Although this would test my strength through squats, leg pulls, running, hiking, bike spinning, and about 10 different workouts with an exercise ball it was no match for what i wanted to achieve.

I will eventually post my booty workout for others to practice, but todays recommendation is The Right State of Mind. Realizing what you want because the best part of exhausting your body is a test for yourself. When you are tired after a major workout that will is going to be tested and that determination is  going to decide if you give up and stop or keep going until it burns.


Well my lovies, back to work 😉

Emily Salazar

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