Sorry guys, but for all of u that think your wife has only been with one or two guys before u… PLOP, im gonna burst your bubble. She probably was the College dorm girl. Being in college just hot and always looking sexy, drunk and most of the time partying there is a lot of college dorm hopping, dirty thongs, and messed up hair walks back to your room.


I was in my second year when i started realizing, being single was really the way to go. I think i took the walk of shame a few times out of some of my friend’s rooms. Have you ever asked her for her number? remember the key rule, always multiply it by 3. College is the time for threesomes, exploring and just lots of plain old fun.


I got to the point where the girls and I would get the BJ’s box of condoms with like 100 just in case to keep around the dorm, always safe sex but always very very fun (the box never lasted more than a month and it was a 3 girl dorm lol). There was this time when i was fucking this one guy i had a huge crush on at his dorm, when the door opened and it was his room mate, the dude laughs and takes off his boxers, im drunk and horny but hesitant. All i hear from the guy that has his cock in me is… “u can jerk him off if u want to” Welllll if u say so lol. Lets just say he didnt last long so we got back to our thing and finished (too bad). Im sorry guys but chances of your wife being with more than one guy, just plain a cock toy, that has had more condoms used in her vagina than you can possibly count in college is very probable and a higher chance of her never ever, EVER EVER EVER telling you the real number is also there.


Ask her how many times her panties have been around her ankles 😉

See most of us love sex, just as much as guys do and most women hide it and are very good at “taking it easy”, except when we have so much freedom. I say most women, cause if you know me you’ll know that i am far from it, hence my blog based on my sexual life. I am more than just sex, but a lot of my life revolves around it; like a nymphomaniac whose life revolves around dicks, only mine goes both ways, and i only like good good kinky hot movie style sex. I’m an erotic fashionista, i love looking hot at all times and usually have a camera handy.


Emily Salazar. 



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