So once again I felt a little hooked on mr. Married guy. It was the whole kink but mostly the whole huge cock thing lol. Yes I know it’s slutty but at least I’m not lying. I wanted to get fucked a couple of times by that guy and I was sincere about it. So I emailed him again.

“What are you doing today, this morning exactly?”

After a couple of minutes I got an email back saying “working but I can get out early” so I just asked “where is the wife?” Here I was being that other woman and being a home wrecker. Yes that was me right in that moment and I did not care. I was at home that morning, day off enjoying my morning with my tea and watching tv wearing sweats. His email back said “please meet me home in like an hour, I’ll leave work for you. The wife is working, she is a secretary so she works until 5” I replied to him “ok, bring condoms I’m not wasting mine on you”.

I finished my tea and went to my closet to find a good outfit. This time I would tone it down a bit because mr. Married guy seems to cum kind of quick and I won’t have that again. That meant stockings, no panties, and mini skirts were out of the equation. I put on a pair of my skinny denim jeans with a black thong and a red tank top. Although my boobs were almost popping out, I can’t hide 34DDD boobs, It’s just not happening.

So I finished getting ready, perfume on and make up ready. On the way to his house I was. I parked at the same place and it felt like I had been there many times before. Once again I sent the slutty email “I’m here, where r u?” You know you are sending that email when you are in search for a fuck. “Come though the front door beautiful” he said back. So I did and the house was nicer than I can remember it a couple nights before. This time we closed the front door and kissed with passion. His hands were grabbing my ass like it was a competition, not gonna lie, it felt nice. We decided to go upstairs….. To his wife’s room….. And of course I got to lay down in his wife’s bed…. So comfy I thought to myself. The photos on the way there showed what looked like a typical housewife. She was good looking but not take care of, I also saw her sleeping meds on the side table. He stood there watching me get comfortable lol. I took off my top and my jeans and started walking around In a thong. He was already rock hard, shorts tending.

I walked over to their hamper and picked out her underwear out of the hamper and looked at the size and the style. “Sooo medium pink panties? She’s girly and has a big ass?” He laughed and said yeah she has a nice ass but she is too prudy. I could tell that by the decoration in the room. He said “wow you are so hot walking in a thong around my house” and then I laughed and just told him “even better will be you fucking me in the same bed you sleep with your wifey, you’ll think about me tonight when she’s sleeping in my squirt stains lol” I laid down and pulled my thong off.

His shorts flew off his body like they were ready all along and he just kneeled In between my legs. Ten minutes passed and he kept licking away, it was soon a half hour and a couple of orgasms later that the morning went away and it was 12 noon. I told him I wanted that snake to come play, he got that box of condoms and tore it open. He slid one on and started to stretch yours truly’s vagina. I was in ecstasy and the whole kink of it all made it even better. I came before he was all in, it was pathetic. This time he started pounding me like I was a rag doll. Tossed around like a fuck toy, it was delightful. He pulled me and kept pounding me hard, my thighs were sore and red, my boobs were red from bouncing up and down and let’s not talk about my pussy lips. But all in all I was in a state of orgasm. This is when I stood up and out of that pounding grip and watched as his cock was covered in white cum, my white cum to be specific and there was not an ounce of desire for him to cum.

He was a man this time, he was doing me just as he needed to and as I wanted him to. As I stood up I walked over to the window, the second floor window was open and although it was small it was still a quiet neighborhood. “Fuck me against this window” he got quiet and said omg they are going to see you, I laughed and told him grow a pair and come fuck me. He said fine I will. So he came over and started from the back, arching my back to fit that thing was not so easy but I wanted it badly. Once he was in, the slow pounding began. I love fast fucking but slow deep penetration is just agony and ecstasy. I came, I squirted so much it was all over both our feet. His rug was covered, his curtains were wet, it was crazy and I felt bad but he didn’t stop so i kept doing it.

Finally he grabbed me and threw me against the bed, positioned himself so he was facing me and started to fuck me straight from the front. I was against the pillows and I could literally see him going in and out of my vagina. I was swollen, I was wet and I was hurting but I wanted a lot more. So I started to scream the worst things ever. “Make me cum motherfucker, make me cum, make me cum you dickless loser, fuck me harder than you fuck your wife. You want that loser slut to be like me don’t you? Do you want her to look like me? You wish she was half, keep fucking me and make cum in her bed.” He couldn’t hold it any longer and just started to cum, his screams were louder than mine and that triggered my own orgasm. I had scratched his back and messed the entire bed spread with my nails. They were just light scratches.

“I knew you were doing something last night” his wife said right in the fucking front door of the room. WTFFFFF happened.

I had just gotten caught breaking up a home, I was naked and I had screamed about his woman being a loser and looking like half of me lol. I’m sorry but I am Puerto Rican and I will always be, I grew up with two sisters and fought many girls in my time and if she wanted to fight she was going to lose. The only problem was her crying, there was no yelling, there was no screaming it was just sad. She sat down on the floor in the same room we were standing in and just looked at us naked, his cock with a used condom on filled with cum and half way on, we’re both covered in sweat and there were squirt puddles everywhere. She told him how she heard him the other night downstairs and she knew something was up but did not want to believe it. She told him how she felt like he could have mentioned how he wanted more sex and she would have worked on it for him but this was a low blow. She of coursed called me a slut as I was getting my pants on and getting dressed.

I had it well deserved and I even deserved for her to slap me ONCE only, but she didn’t. She had class I must say. I was the shameful girl that almost broke up a happy home and had slept with her husband a couple of times in her house, her bed, messed up her floor and her sheets and even her couch.

I was sad and angry but then again I was clear about what I had come to do. I said I’m sorry and I left.

A few months later he emailed me to tell me they were still together, they went to see a therapist and she was actually working in the sexy part with him. I told him that was good and that I hope he wasn’t emailing me back to get more sex, I was done with him. He said no he just wanted to say thank you for being so amazing and for giving him good sex and saving the marriage.

You might be wondering why I do certain things, because I like to explore life. Yes there are risks, diseases and all sorts of scary things but how else will you live life. Under a rock? I get tested every month, use condoms and now I’m a little more careful than my earlier Craigslist days. Yes everything I write did happen, am I sorry for doing certain things? Maybe some because I think certain situations could be avoided but so long as health, sex and fun are present, it is a good experience.

Emily Salazar

8 Responses to Craigslist sex (the married guy) Second encounter
  1. October 2, 2015 at 9:52 am

    only live once….thanks for sharing…enjoyed the entire story

  2. E

    October 2, 2015 at 10:37 am

    A crazy end to your second encounter…thank you for the candid discussion. Interesting on many levels, as usual you lure us in with your erotic brain and leave us with thoughts to ponder. Bravo!

  3. October 3, 2015 at 8:44 am

    Thanks for continuing to share, I’m always shocked by your personal sexual perspective as it aligns with my perspective. Just curious if it’s every guys perspective. Lol, I’m damn sure it’s not every woman’s perspective. Keep up the sharing from all aspects as I’m always excited to read the latest and greatest when it hits my inbox.

  4. October 27, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    Perfect inspiration once again Emily! We want more! Besos, Sometimezz

  5. November 6, 2015 at 5:55 am


    Your willingness to share your experiences and thoughts are fascinating. After reading of this encounter I was torn between the sexual high of a new experience..but also the low of hurting someone (the wife). How does one rationalize the yin and yang of this all? Secondly if I recall from your earlier post “Rules for Swinging,part 1” rule #5 said ‘no fucking others in our master bedroom’ …but wasn’t it hypocritical for you to screw that guy from Craigslist in his wife’s bed when you wouldn’t do the same in yours?

    • November 6, 2015 at 10:57 am

      I totally agree with you. As written on my post, I fully understand and admit I made a huge mistake. Unfortunately in the heat of the moment, us as humans make mistakes that are sometimes big wrongs. I can’t take that back and in the moment I wanted it, even more so because it was so taboo. That being said and understanding why I did it, I can say it won’t happen again. I have already made peace with that as I walked away from him.

      The post was mainly for those that do not admit to their own sexual pleasures and or judge those who like X and not y. It is not a definitive or an absolute value, we are all allowed to like X or y or even X AND Y, doesn’t mean that because you like anal and I don’t, I will say you are a horrible person because you like anal and it’s just wrong. Part of us as humans starts at the root of being able to rationalize, understand and adapt to others mentalities, like animals.

      • November 6, 2015 at 11:54 am

        Its only a (huge)mistake if you don’t learn a lesson from it. I agree with much of your mindset, someone willing to push the envelope…to grab life at a deeper level.

        What I was more interested to learn is your Rule#5 for swinging…no judgment here, just curious to your thinking. If your bedroom is sacred to just you & your husband then what made his bedroom such an attraction???

        Your blog is very absorbing for all the efforts you make to convey your thoughts…Peace girl

      • November 6, 2015 at 12:34 pm

        Emily said:

        The post was mainly for those that do not admit to their own sexual pleasures.

        Isn’t that sad…why is that the norm and not the exception? Why..do people hold back these normal human needs?

        Can anyone answer…why?

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