Guys will go to the extreme when it comes to getting laid, most of you know that. As women we know when we are being lied to and we actually allow for these lies to happen, mainly because we are after our own thing.

During my crazy Craigslist craze a few years back, I decided to post a simple ad and see where it would go.

“Bored lady needs a good night rocking, email face pics or no reply”

As you can imagine the ad caused the usual email replies from Craigslist wanting to get laid, the no photo reply as usual saying “hey sexy”, and the cock pics. That’s where I met Mike, mr. Married man. He was clear about being married and that’s what made him stick out of the bunch and why I picked him.

Usually you meet in a public place but I wasn’t going to sell him a chair, I was going to fuck him until he was run dry so there was no need for that. We agreed to meet at his house and so that same night I jumped in the shower and got ready. Thigh highs, skirt, white blouse, scrunchy hair and six inch black heels. I made it a point to avoid wearing panties because what’s the point. I grabbed a handful of condoms and headed over to his house. We were communicating though email only because it was agreed NSA sex, and because his wife would probably be checking his text messages. As I went to his house I would just hit refresh on my gmail app and the nerves just made it extra sexy. I was completely soaked by the time I hit the first red light. Was he huge? Would he be just like the photo? Would he cum in two seconds or two hours? Anonymous and just insane I thought to myself as I sped through the night to his house. It was roughly 9:30 pm I think and his email said park three houses up or down because it’s a culdesac and everyone knows everyone’s business. I figured I would be nice because I probably looked like a high end call girl. Tall heels, stockings, a micro skirt that showed my ass without me even bending over and a see through blouse with a black bra in a BMW in the middle of the night, old ladies might have thought something was up. So I did park in some park that was by the house and walked over as I email him “walking over to the house”

I kept hitting refresh as I walked in the dark towards his house. The only thing lit up in that street was my cellphone with the flashlight on and the browser screen. It was creepy to hear my heels clack on the cement sidewalk in the dark but I felt like I was dripping wet in expectation. I probably sounded like a gushing machine lol. My browser finally said email reply “go in the entrance by the back please” so I did. It was a bitch to walk in heels through the dark and in the side grass of his house.

As I walked back there not knowing what would be there, I saw a deck. It was new and recently finished but the door had one of those handles that no one knows how to open. After struggling for a while I managed to get it open and there he was. Standing by the back door watching me struggle with my longhair, my nails and that stupid gate not opening. He just stared and said wow you are so hot I can’t believe this is actually happening. He was short, with trimmed hair and what looked like a good build. Just as the picture only it was kinda dark. I laughed and walked inside looking around and expecting some ax murder instead of the Craigslist guy. I kept thinking I hope i don’t show up on the news tomorrow lol. He had blue eyes and was a lot better looking than his photos. Wearing shorts and a t shirt, the house outfit except I felt like out of place with that I had on. My heels clacked hard on the floor by the entrance and he almost had a heart attack. He said wow you are so hot with those on but you are going to get mad, can you take them off because my wife is upstairs. WHAT? I told him and that was actually my tone as I freaked out and thought that was going to be swinger scene. He said my wife is very boring and went to sleep at 8, she takes sleeping meds and forgets she is married. Then he looked at me and said I’m sorry you can leave if you want, I just want to be honest about everything. So I said you know what? You better make that up to me. He smiled and said thank you.

I took off my shoes and left them by the door and the we walked quietly to his living room. The most comfy couch, wow that really was the most comfy couch. We talked for about two seconds and then i just sat on top of him and started making out. Suddenly his short height was made up by the length of his cock. He was hard and still inside of the shorts but I felt what seemed to be a Comcast remote lol.

Then I told him as I stopped, why is your wife upstairs. Are you crazy what if she comes down? Then he said she won’t, she takes meds to sleep because she is always stressed out. I wasn’t there to be his psychologist so I decided to let that be. It was the most kinky shit I’ve done until then. I mean she was upstairs and I was downstairs about to fuck here husband. Was she pretty? Was she dead? Did she even exist? So I went on with it. I told him, bring me some rope. He asked what for and I told him shut up and do it. He said ok ma’am. Came back with a rope and I told his ass to sit down and tied his hands to the back.

As he was tied up I decided to start stripping in front of him, the light from the kitchen was showing enough for him to get hard but not enough to even show our faces. As i stood nude in front of him I could feel my leg wet, it was my pussy. I was literally dripping so much my leg was completely soaked as I couldn’t hold it any longer. I kneel in front of him and pushed his t shirt up. WTF ABS. Those abs were so well built I thought that was golden lol. He just kept looking at me in awe as I pushed his shorts down. That’s when I was slapped in the face with a cock the size of a Poland spring bottle. He was just thick, it would be a miracle if he ever got anal sex from any girl. My index couldn’t touch my thumb around his dick even with my inch long nails. I just laughed and said holy shit are you serious? He goes what is it too small?

I laughed again and told him do you knock out your wife with this hammer before bed? Omg. He laughed and said wow thank you.

I started sucking on it like it was made out of candy. He just kept moaning quietly As I kept trying to fit him in but it was mostly licking on the outside and the length. He did as I told him in my original email and shaved his Balls. So he received some attention there. I grabbed them hard and looked at him right in the eyes. His eyes widened and said please not so hard. I laughed and told him who’s in control? He started weeping and saying you are you are. I grabbed him so hard I thought he would pop right in my hand. He was thrashing in the couch. Then I spit on the head of his cock and I turned around and laid his dick flat against his stomach. I started dancing right up on his cock slowly, up and down but not inside. He was trying so hard to get it in but I kept teasing him. Up and down, up and down.

My whole ass was covered in my saliva as i spat on his cock enough to lube it. I went to grab my purse and grabbed a condom, then I told him shut the fuck up now. I ripped open the package and got the condom out, his eyes were so wide he just kept saying I can’t believe you’re so hot and you are actually here with my wife upstairs. I grabbed his soda can cock to try to get that condom on and suddenly my hands felt slimy. I just went like what’s this? Then he said I’m so sorry I couldn’t hold it any longer. He came??? Are you kidding me? I don’t know why but I lost it for like two seconds and I slapped him right in the face. He kept apologizing but I was about to start to get ready to leave and then he said please I promise I can get it hard Again for you.

My already throbbing vagina ordered me to stay pretty much. So I did. I grabbed his balls harder this time, they felt so tight in my hands almost like when you open a coke bottle and it is sealed well. I started sucking on his cock as it was soft and it actually fit my mouth. Little by little the head kept getting caught in my teeth as I kept popping it out and I soon realized I couldn’t get it back in because he was in full monster mode. He was back. I had to reach for a new condom because the last one was soaked in cum. I struggled but managed to get it on him, I just remember standing up in front of him and position myself over it. I could feel the sheer size of his dick as it was on my already wet opening. I spit on it and tried to slide it in as I sat deeper. It felt like I was being stretched past beyond my means, like I had sat on a shampoo bottle by mistake lol. His eyes were rolling in the back of his head as he moaned. I let out a “fuck you, you will shut up and you will NOT CUM until you are allowed to” he tried to say one of his omg you are so sexy or some dumb comment and I just grabbed his neck hard and told him again “shut the fuck up, I will fuck you until I’m done with you” he just said omg yes ma’am.

I rode his cock until I came about 10 times. It was beyond amazing. It was not only the size, it was the kink of it, the wife upstairs, his hands tied behind his back, the stranger fuck, the crazy good body on that guy, or maybe it was that I was banging someone’s husband lol. Well at his point i was tired of doing the banging lol. So I untied him.

He bent me over and started to go to town. He kept thrusting harder and harder, my ass kept slapping and suddenly “MIKE WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO BED BABE?” wtfffff I just got quiet and my stomach sank. His cock was still inside of me, the couch was soaked in squirt, there was a semi used condom with two condom wrappers on the side and I was shoeless at the time lol. If she came down it would have been a problem lol. He just said omg it’s my wife. He just said babe I’ll be right up, give me a couple of minutes the movie is almost over. She said ok. Suddenly I was turned on, scared, wet and wanted even more dick than before. Wtf I’m the kinkiest person I know, I have always said that.

What do you want to do? He asked me. Can you ask a girl that when your dick is still inside of her? Better yet when your dick is so big it feels like it’s in my stomach? Lol. I told him finish what you started and make me cum.

He started to fuck me softly and I was not having it. So I pushed him off and told him you get blue balls today mr. I’m leaving. He kept begging please no wait. Don’t go. I used his t shirt to wipe my legs clean and slid inside my skirt again, found my bra and my blouse and started to get dressed. Fixed my hair down and kissed him right in the lips. His cock still had on a condom with my wetness on it. He kept begging and I told him, you and me are not done but not today. Go clean that mess and go to your wifey, I’ll email you. I grabbed my shoes and walked barefoot until the bottom of the deck, got on my heels and walked over to my car. Needless to say I finished the job in the car in that dark park. I was so wet my fingers were soaking and I was fitting four fingers.

Alone, in the dark at a park at 11 pm and there I was finishing myself off. My first orgasm alone, finishing what some idiot couldn’t do. I grabbed the steering wheel and started to scream and moan, my clit was swollen and so was the rest down there. I decided to pull my skirt down after I was done and head back home.

Emily Salazar

(Every part of my writs are 100% real as they have happened within the past three years)

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  1. E

    September 8, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Amazing retelling Em, can’t wait to hear if there ever was a second chance for him!

  2. September 12, 2015 at 8:14 am

    Damn Emily your experience was so hot…such a lucky guy to have you walk through the door. I would have gotten a room for the meeting of the minds. question—what if he had a smaller cock, would you have stayed…it was hot just being in the home with the wife…interesting lady Emily

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