Ok guys, so here I am again writing for you about some more of my personal life and this time i am going to share things not even hubby knows about, swinger or no swinger these were part of my own findings, when i wanted to know who i was. So they are called the Dating site experiences and there are quite a few because i have done my share of bad things 😉 of course.

These are by far some of the most curious experiences i’ve had throughout my life and that is including swinging as well as being an erotic blogger, a professional studio model, a woman and without a doubt a party girl. Im not quite sure why i decided to go through with some of them, i think its because i am always after the next thrill and just a search for who i am and what i like, sort of when i wanted to know what it was like to squirt or being fisted so i went on a search for that 😉 yea i’ve tried em all and in the process i have learned a great deal about myself, what and who i am.

These are a series as there were quite a few encounters, they were all real dating site experiences with real normal people and i use that term normal very loosely because well everyone’s normal is not your normal. I always used protection, and as a swinger they were amazing tales lived.

This post has the very first one and how it all started, One afternoon at home after class i was on the computer and a pop up appeared with an ad for a dating website for adults (yes an ad lol) I didn’t think much about it but it stayed in my head for a while. Being the curious self that i am and in a self search i decided to give this dating site a shot. mind you every single one of this experiences has been both a true story and a thrill to live out but incredibly dangerous and interesting to say the least. I got to meet a lot of people and their sexual preferences amongst others.

My first encounter through this dating website and i can still remember it vividly was of this one couple in their mid 20s when i received the email back form them i didn’t think it would be real, i mean after all it was a couple and thats usually just a guy lol. But then again i didn’t hunk much of this so called dating site actually thought it was just a sham, but i replied anyway thinking lets see what of this. “We are a couple in our 20s her name is Brie and his name is Mark, we liked your profile and would like to know if you want to play with us. We aren’t into anything crazy” is exactly word for word what their email said. Real names or at least the ones they used, i replied saying how i would like to see a picture of them and so we exchanged pictures. This was back before i was on the internet and all of that, just a few years back.

They seemed……..Of the weed lovers type lol. I might model but never done any type of cocaine or anything wild, just wine, liquor 😉 but i figured let skeet idk why i felt gutsy at the time i guess. Long story short we met at a hotel I had booked, i felt as if i had the advantage by being a single woman and besides it could have been a single guy and i needed to meet first….you never know. I waited at the lobby of the hotel and there they were, as it turns out real people. Brie was as fit as i am but short in height and beautiful. At some point she used to model for what they said although idk about that. She was 24 or 25 white milky skin absolutely drop dead attractive and my type exactly. Brown hair, light eyes and a sweetheart, girly in every single way. Mark was on the other side scrubby looking, my type because of how fit he was but he had raggedy long long hair like down to his shoulders long. For a guy that is not my type with an exception of a certain photographer friend i know that can rock it and he knows who he is (shall remain nameless 😉 . Love it). He was white with a normal voice, nothing that stood out in a room. He stood taller than i am and in his 26 o 28 of age. They saw me and said hi, we shook hands and Brie gave me a kiss on the cheek, we had been introduced to one another. he was very nice and actually polite, she was incredibly sweet but kept eyeing me up and down, you know that moment when someone is watching you every single detail and you just pretend they aren’t and continue the conversation? well that is what was happening, it felt uncomfortable but i knew it was all sex and thats why we were there for. I felt more comfy at this stage so i invited them upstairs to the room and away from all the suits that were at the lobby having their drinks.

Once there we had a few sips of wine i had brought, thats my second love 😉 just FYI. We got to talk about ourselves as we went through the uncomfortable stages.

…This was odd….. I was there with perfect strangers but it was different and it was worth a shot. She asked me much about my life and wanted to know me more than i know her or was particularly interested in her, at this stage i had not started to model or blog so i did not share any of that, my life revolved around college, work, and the occasional lover enough to keep my wild life happening as i already had swinged before. Out of nowhere i turn around and there dis Mark completely naked from head to toe. All i said was “WTF?” Brie burst out laughing and said and i quite “if he didn’t need pants to go outside he would be naked all day long” i just laughed and kept staring at his dick. It wasn’t even proportional to his body size, i had not seen a penis that thick before it was ridiculous but a treat nonetheless. all i heard in the background was him laughing saying “yeah she makes me wear pants all the time lol” I laughed and said Brie how can you take that thing, she just said its great wait till you enjoy it. i told her we should both get undressed too, she said her fetish was to watch…………..This was number one on my list of very unique people i would meet during my dating site experiences, here i was interested on her and she wanted to watch. Im not kidding when i said this woman just crossed her legs and wanted to watch me fuck her man in front of her, IT WAS NOT HAPPENING. So me being as open and the asshole that i am i told her no. I”ve always been blunt when i don’t like something so i just said i kin dal ike you more than i like him, so if we don’t all pay I’m not playing solo. She laughed and said “ok then but I’m eating you out and you are going to like it” she laughed and i just felt like my legs shook lmao,i was legit attracted to her. “you put a damp on my watch fetish btw” she said i told her i don’t care, i want you too so get stripping to which she did. She laughed and once our clothes were on the floor i just had my eyes fixated on her body, i felt very turned on just by the sight of her soft milky skin i just idk…. i can’t explain it why i just felt how sexy she was. I had this lace thong on, that didn’t stay on long. i laid down and both him and her went to work on me.

By far my first experience of this type at this time……Without a doubt AMAZING. There were orgasms from me to spare lets just say that. When this guy gets up i hadn’t seen his penis hard yet but Jesus Christ (even tho penis and Jesus Christ shouldn’t be on the same sentence lol)He was either very turned on by me or just both me and her cause it looked like a third arm going out of his body. I had bought condoms so i gave him one while me and her kissed. We felt each other up and he was done with his unrolling on that anaconda. I Kinda had to get used to the size but as you all know I’m no stranger to big boys and I’m pretty good doing my thing. little did i know Mr Snake cock ended up cumin in less than 5 minutes. I mean Brie didn’t even get to play with him and he was already sweating and apologizing…. sad moment i must say. He just sat down and me and her went to play, she looked at him and told him “you fuck up, now you watch” I laughed really hard at this and pulled her by the hair right next to me. i could feel everything as she kissed me on every inch of my body. Almost as if i had become her own obsession this woman was in places i hadn’t had lovers ever go and she was moaning louder than i’ve ever made any girl moan before just from sheer touching. he was just literally watching but not even playing with himself. “Quite interesting” i thought to myself, Brie and I just tangled between each other and kissed each others legs, my head buried in-between her legs as was hers between mine.

Twitching as i was she kept licking me kissing my thighs. his dick was as limp and dead as was his mood, i honestly didn’t care for him at this stage, if you are going to a pure sex meeting you better bring it or don’t come at all (no pun intended) lol. Brie placed herself at the bottom of the bed and grabbed my leg by my ankle, she just stared at me almost making uncomfortable, her look was just pure lust i was horny and excited but her excitement surpassed mine. She took my leg and said “I’m gonna lick your toes girl. ok?” a first i thought, i’ve never had anyone lick my feet or anything like that. OMGGGGGGGG her tongue wrapped around my toes and she started moaning and playing with herself as she had me inside her mouth. It felt wet, very wet, but very soft and slippery, i felt tingles up my legs i felt her moaning vibrate through my body, i didn’t know what else to do but play with myself, my fingers were so wet i kept going up and down in and out, didn’t lsat 30 seconds before i orgasmed. At this stage Mark was just watching and i had gotten uncomfortable to feel watched like that. I had gotten so many orgasms from her, i kissed her and told her thank you for such a great time. She got the message and said no problem, this meant I’m good lol. She got off the bed and started dressed up, we all did actually but he seemed upset, he just said “it seems Brie like in love with you” i think he was one of those jealous lovers or idk. I just laughed it off and said “I’m lovable, didn’t i just make you cum?” he laughed and said “yeah so did she to you” so i smirked and told him “not my fault you couldn’t hold it” and laughed harder. I think he got off on meanness cause she just told him, go down to the car, Fuck up, he didn’t say anything but said bye it was nice meeting you and we shook hands, i told him likewise. A very odd couple if you ask me, i just smirked and tried to fit my heels back on standing on one leg as she pulled a pen out of her pocketbook and wrote her phone number down on a piece of paper with a heart next to it. She kissed me and grabbed my hair and told me “we should get to meet each other maybe have coffee one day or something, don’t worry about Mark he won’t be a bother” i laughed and told her maybe we should, she smiled and put her pen away and said bye.

Without a doubt a strange experience, and in my quest to find myself and find my sexual pleasures, my true explorations, who i was, the encounters were only going to get weirder only i did not know that but you’ll read about that soon.

Emily Salazar. 

PS. I’m still friends with Brie.

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  1. December 7, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    Amazing real history…You put me really hard..damn it! haha..
    I wanna be the next…



  2. NC

    December 7, 2013 at 7:08 pm


    I see a BOOK in your future! “Secret Diaries of a Swinger”! Mr. Hitachi just got a HUGE workout!



  3. December 21, 2013 at 12:08 am

    Love your posts and hearing about women’s past experiences. I recently met a hot couple on a swinger site and am very likely going to fuck the wife soon. I can’t wait.

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