There are hidden pleasures in everything sexually related but double penetration has to be the most rewarding of all sex. Written from a female perspective I believe we have the best of both worlds.

Truly there are an incredibly amount of positions and possibilities but in this article I’ll focus on the two primary ones.

I guess you can call me the queen of double penetration because I happen to love it, it is exhilarating. It makes your toes curl, your voice literally changes, your words don’t even make sense when you are orgasming. It’s more of a gibberish, moaning, screaming and a whole lot of sensations.

The waves felt by each orgasm go from the top of your head to your toes, and when that one is gone as the guys keep pumping the next orgasm is coming right up.

As the title of the article says double penetration creampie…. Now this is a different one from the usual two guys two condoms and you. This one involves a more open type of relationship. A relationship where both guys are perfectly ok with each other’s cum dripping on their partners body. I make it a point not to ever play with homophobes (I’m sorry, no offense to any of my readers but I think sexuality is there to explore and to each their own). My husband knows I make the rules, I pick the guys we play with so it is my responsibility to insure our safety from any STD since we won’t be using condoms.

That is my second point, ensure your partners are std clean with the paperwork to prove it. In our case we only play non condoms with guys I know extremely well and have played with for years. I also ask them for their std paperwork. Sorry but one can never be too safe.

(Because of the nature of this type of sex Birth Control pills come without saying. Ask your doctor for a plan B pill if necessary. It’s not pro choice or pro life debate it’s just being responsible while enjoying a fantasy)

Tips for double penetration creampie

  • If you are married, talk with your spouse (wife or husband). Make sure they are ok with your sexual desires. Open conversations are the main reason why marriages last forever. We talk about everything, don’t hide anything and know our limits and what would break each other’s hearts.
  • I will start by saying go to Walmart, cvs, Walgreens or any store and buy at least two bottles of KY jelly or astrolube (my favorite). Because you will be having anal play lube is of the utmost importance because uncomfortable sex means no orgasms.
  • Pick a partner that you feel very very comfortable with. You will be playing without condoms and you want to make sure the guy you pick understands and wants to join your sexual fantasy.
  • Ask for Std clearance paperwork from a recent checkup (not just HIV but full std check up). If he is your closest friend ever that you grew up with and he happens to be the coolest guy…. Doesn’t matter he could have fucked an infected person and now you are in trouble. Ask for them anyway.
  • Before you play make sure they both know you want a double penetration creampie and that means the husband ok with it, the partner ok with feeling cum from your husband or vice versa.
  • Understanding that they might slide their cock inside of your ass or your vagina after the other guy came and their cum will be all over their dicks is important because mid sex and you wanting to cum the last thing you want is hesitation. If that’s a no go, move on and pick a different partner to play.
  • I cannot stress this enough, start with the biggest guy vaginally and the smaller guy in your butt because it’ll make you stretch enough so it gets ready for the bigger cock.
  • Straddle the guy you want in your vagina and ride him for a while until it gets you warmed up, one or two orgasms is usually my comfort zone.
  • Have the other guy slowly keyword is slowly, lather his cock with lube (lots and lots of lube) and slide his cock slowly inside your ass. Front guy needs to stay still. One the head of his cock is in tell me both to stay still while your body adjusts. Then move it slowly in and out.
  • Once they both have started a rhythm you will understand what I mean by wave after wave of orgasms.
  • Once one of them has cum the other one might cum too, of course it goes without saying you want inside creampies and not shooting their load someplace else. When one of them cums have him pull it out and sit down while the other guys finishes.
  • Then do a reverse cowgirl on the bigger cock guy and this time your butt is ready for his bigger cock. It’ll be very slippery from cum but that’s no reason not to use more lube.
  • Their cocks will have cum sliding down because as you reverse cowgirl your body will push down on all that cum inside of you and make it run down.
  • Once sitting on one cock have the other guy who should be ready for the next round slide inside of you and go for a few more orgasms.

All that’s left is the clean up of the bed lol. Enjoy your cumming.

Emily Salazar

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  1. December 19, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    Thank you for the new post. Exciting advice! Luv your thoughts and images!

  2. RJ

    December 19, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    I loved reading that, I’m a pleaser so this is definitely something i would try.

  3. MT

    December 20, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Now all we need is a picture of Emily being double fucked.

  4. Dan

    December 2, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    Yes please.

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