Great content is not found; it is made.

Great thoughts are not original; they are synthetized.

Great productions are not simple; they take time.

Great words are not written; they flow on thought first.

With less than a thousand pictures I stand here before you all. With less than a thousand pictures I still strive for so much more on every photo-shoot. Currently with over 30 thousand pictures of me modeling on my computer and two servers, I still believe quality will forever beat quantity. Which is why I created my own website, a place where I can post the ones that do not make to Flickr. There is an insane amount of photography work I love that simply has not made it to Flickr that will. It is time I lack, for that I apologize.

I have realized I must get back to the roots of my passion, embrace it for what it is and get more out there. This does not mean the bar can go lower than what it has been raised to.

When I started there was nothing more than a simple camera and a will to shoot the world around me. As it turns out I was the world around the camera and it chose me.

I am grateful.

I am passionate.

I am willing to be the best.

I am and will continue to be even higher than where I am.

There is a reason why I chose my real name to go along every single picture that surfaces to the world. I used to go by blueyedrican, which I still do, on Twitter. Then I moved on to applegurl because that was my nickname cause of my round ass lol. Then there was seducedgirl mainly because of the expression I have and the passion I keep inside me. I must have been a nympho on my past life lol.

Now, things are different.

They say when you enter a more professional environment you must be even more serious about yourself, about your work, about your skills, about your presentation and even about your own ideas.

Nothing is more serious to me than my name, so I used my real name to sign my photos.

You all have known my real birth name since day one, but it is only until recently that I started to use Emily Salazar as my true brand. One day I will tell you all my middle name, for that you will have to wait lol.


Emily Salazar

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  1. Joe

    March 21, 2014 at 4:38 am

    that’s why I read your blog, you know yourself. There are so many time wasting females in this world that have drank the koolaid and are in denial about a lot of things.

  2. May 14, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Are you still writing here? Looks like maybe no… Love the site! We want more!

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