As some of you know here, the next camera right after my D60 was the sweet sweet Nikon D90 that I have been using for a few years now. Modeling has been split between a D300s and my D90 and whatever the photographer is using when I visit studios but to me mine was simply my favorite.

I have grown very fond of the D90 personally, not only for my modeling but it also was a very rugged camera that survived many cruises, trips to a few countries, hikes and wild life outside treatment, a few accidents (like dripping KY jelly all over the LCD), but its still worked great and it has found a new home 🙂 I just wanted to take a quick second to post a farewell to the camera that was one more stepping stone into what I am today.

Now to welcome the next camera drum rollllllllllllllllllllll 😉

I think it will be a Nikon D7100 (sorry Canon fans) Im just a very brand loyal girl and will forever be into Nikon unless they go under lol. I thought of going to the D610 because better sensor and higher quality but price wise its about 40% more than the D7100, I would love to be part of the FX sensor team but I’m more than happy to be on the best that the DX format can deliver which s the D7100. I will be considering a few options and when I finally buy it there will be another post announcing what I got 😉

If you have any suggestions on what Camera I should get or if you want to donate some towards the new cam 😉 I always accept e-mails 😉 

Thanks guys, much luv

Emily Salazar.

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