Skeptical as they can be, some men think that we cant cum that we all fake it. Truth be told, the female orgasm is not a myth. It is as real as the sun in the sky or as a flower in bloom.

To Fake it or Not Fake it. 

At times when you are playing with a less than experienced man, i feel like hes really not getting me anywhere. A half an hour pounding rock hard into my pussy but his dick is so small it doesnt reach those orgasm places, i already know hes not making me reach that holy place. Fake it and get it over with. sorry guys but we do fake it just so we end it quicker if its not good.

When you are getting it just the right way, five minutes in and you already start feeling that tickle in your stomach, the butterflies that make your legs want to wrap harder around him just so you dont orgasm so fast. Not Fake it, enjoy the ride 😉

Many people believe the female orgasm never happens, hit that pussy right and you’ll have her cumming in no time. For some of us it works differently, for example my strongest orgasms come from G-spot play, then theres Anal (thats right i do get down and dirty, just not as often cause hes too big so maybe toy play with her), and third clitoral orgasms as they can be really sexy and good but not as WOW as being fucked by a G-Spot toy or a really curved dick.

Has anyone caught their significant other faking it?

Emily Salazar.

3 Responses to Female Orgasm is not a Myth
  1. April 26, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Nice site really liking it. Faking it there was this one girl I just knew she was faking but it really a matter of me having too large of a cock for her…tried lubes different positions but still didnt work out. She even sat on my lap while I was hard no moving to try to stech her out a bit. Still no go. We moved on knowing sex is an imporant part of any relationship.

    • April 27, 2012 at 12:30 pm

      She should read my “how to handle a big cock” post lol. Sometimes it’s just a simple cock worship that gets our orgasms going. Being near it and being teased… Sexy enough.

  2. Joe

    January 15, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    I’m lucky, I’ve never caught a faker. I’m about 7″ so women seem to be a little intimidated or they just grab the bed waiting to cum. The first woman I fucked came three times and asked me “you’re really a virgin??” My ex was with a 9″ guy for 3 years so she was more of a challenge, but if I worked her up with oral I’d feel that pussy clenching on my cock after a bit. If you want regular pussy, you have to let her cum first.

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