It all started with the curiosity and playfulness of my mind. Him always being the usual man would toy with the idea of me getting my first anal experience.

My thoughts on the matter were simple, NO. i would always complaint that he was too big for that kind of play and for that matter i would refuse, by then there had been barely any finger playing near my ass.

On the weekends usually we would lay down and spoon together, him rock hard and me pressing my ass against his huge and beautiful dick but never inserting it, he would just rub it up and down with the occasional slap on my ass cheek lol. hed tease me but never enough to throw me over the edge.

At most he would grab me by the hips and i would stroke his large shaft with my hand while his head would play near my asshole, until he would cum all over it but nothing too bad, until one day.

As we were on the tease here and there we played a little bit too much and i decided to start playing with my clit as he was playing with my ass, suddenly instead of his dick he decided to insert a finger and kiss me rough, i must say feeling dirty and naughty altogether gave me the most amazing tingles in my stomach.

Suddenly one finger turned into two and they got deeper and deeper into my ass as i kept rubbing my clit he kept fingering me, i wanted it, I NEEDED IT SO BADLY i just begged for him to give it to me. In between moans and lots lube he pressed the thick part of his penis head against the rosebud of my ass, he kept pushing and it felt like a steel rod, he felt three times bigger his usual size, i couldnt believe how huge he was at this moment my body tensed up and as much as i needed to relax it was so hard to; my hands on his legs pushing him and asking for him to go slowly (a pop) as  he finally got past the ring and his cock head was past my ass.

i kept playing with my clit as he was teasing my ass, i felt him filling me up with his manliness and omg it was just a feeling ive never had before. he inched his way slowly as he asked me if i wanted more, my fingers would rub against my clit harder and harder and i would ask for more and more as he kept pushing his cock (give it to me, i can take it all baby)  his whole shaft was inside  of me and i felt like i was filled to the brim. starting out with an eight inch cock is not an easy task now i know this.

He started moving slowly in and out, in and out, his breath against my shoulders and his big arms holding me hard against him as he pushed harder and harder, my fingers dripping wet as i kept rubbing my pussy from the front and just moaning for more and more…

I let out a slight moan and a (baby your gonna make me cum) suddenly his breathing got heavier and his dick felt thicker, i pushed two of my fingers inside my little pussy and had the STRONGEST ORGASMS ive had ever, my entire body trembled and my legs were shaking, i kept screaming against the pillow and my nails were digging against his legs skin as i kept moaning and nearly crying for more. He came inside of me so deep as we both laid there in that saturday morning, his thick penis still inside of me throbbing and my entire body in the bed completely relaxed.

This was before any of our swinging and any of our craziness, we decided anal sex would be a huge part of our sex life and later in life decided that even when swinging my ass would be just for him.


Emily Salazar.

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