Ok guys so as you all know, youtube has been nothing but a big pain in the ass and for that i must say fuck you youtube. exactly as i said it there. Oh wait i’ll say it again FUCK YOU YOUTUBE, i think it came out more articulated that time around lol.

Well here is my little letter / video to youtube 😉

Dear YouTube and Sirs,

A big FUCK YOU from this girl. So i edit my videos to almost no skin showing and i get two strikes, account locked down AND two videos deleted? oh wait but i did not show my vagina, my asshole and definitely not my nipples nor my boobs other than having a strapless bra, BUT if i was to search on your amazing search bar on your site for hmmmmm i dunno lets say “dancing girls” i the query results would have at least 100 girls dancing ON A THONG, oh wait did i say a thong? oh yea a thong just like the one i had on my last video which got deleted and according to you showed too much…. lmaoooooooo. Well lets try a different search on your search bar….. lets try ‘big boobs’ and oh there it is, 100000 results with girls and their giant boobs bouncing up n down, funny they aren’t showing any nipples just like moi 😉 but oh surprise those videos are still up? why you ask? BECAUSE FUCK YOU YOUTUBE THATS EXACTLY WHY FUCK YOU. I’m sorry did i curse is that against your policy and terms? OHHHH FUCKKKKK IM SO FUCKING SORRY FOR FUCKING BREAKING YOUR DAMN TERMS. now fortunately this is my site and i can and WILL exercise my right to say whatever i want and that happens to be towards you. so once again

Knock…. Knock…….

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange FUCK YOU TUBE. hows that 🙂 too dirty and vulgar? i disagree, not enough fuck you you tubes would actually be enough on this post and for that i decided to make my latest video and upload it to your site, once my “lock down” is taken away from your site lmao. and as my latest video i leave you with a nice and classy way to express my feelings, no i am not a revolutionary but i do have incredibly strong beliefs and freedom of opinion and speech and simply put i also believe in something call fairness so if i get “yelled at” for uploading something raunchy how about we make it unanimous and we go through your entire 1 billion videos and censor one third cause thats youtube 😉

This might be one person complaining about you and its the equivalent to one drop of water in the atlantic, but this one person is actually closing her youtube acct just as an expression 😉 it doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what I think and what I think is FUCK YOU YOUTUBE.

Fortunately i love your other services Google, just your youtube service is the only one i hate so i will continue to user everything else 😉 thank you and have a good day 😉


Emily Salazar. 

PS. if it came out a little blunt 😉 sorry to all of my readers, but you know how i am and how i express myself, u guys know i still love u.

  1. December 14, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    what is the music in this video? i like it alot and want it on my ippd please!

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