That innocent girls night out, leave the husband at home and tell him your gonna go get a night cap w/ the girls. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but for most of us girls we meet at bars for more than just a girls night out.


The night is going just fine, your on your third martini and your laughing with your girlfriends when the guy across the room seems to have his eye on you, he seems to think you might like him since you’ve glanced a few times at him and lets face it, he’s hot as fuck. If you know me, you already know i can imagine him trying to get my skirt out of the way but thats just in my head.


Your wife is out there and she’s thinking how bad would it be if i hooked up with this guy, girls think everything through, we think how hard would it be to get caught, how sexy would this random encounter be, how can i hide it from my friends. The girls night out turned out to be a pleasure night out when he approaches the group and wants to invite your girls to a round of drinks. OK he seems nice you think, cuter when you see him up close. How far am i going to go… still depends on his moves.


The night and you get to talk to him, meet him and you like him. What was a nice gesture of meeting a friend turned out to be a one night stand. Time to leave the bar, tell your friends you got a headache and ur going him early, ever said that? well i have lol. Next think you know you are wearing nothing but your high heels and your nice make up on your knees staring directly at the crotch of his pants. Suddenly you can feel your stomach feeling those butterflies, the naughty feeling of what you are about to do. This sexy stranger you just met, his muscles without a shirt are staring at you from his stand up position, the second you undo his pants the treat comes out, and the one thing you had holding you back from not cheating on your husband just went out the window.


A beautiful cock comes out to play, and the second i taste it, i can feel like a total one night stand slut. Cant help to feel naughty and just wet by knowing what I’m doing is wrong but yet its so hot. I’ve had some amazing 8+ inch cocks that i can’t even fit my mouth around just lick them around and around and some 4 inch mini penises which make me feel like i just wasted my time lol. but a hand job didn’t hurt anyone lol.


As you ride this man in bed he smears your make up, smacks your ass and penetrates you with a rock hard giant dick you just feel like a naughty whore, but guess what this is what your wife is probably doing on her girls night out, if she hasn’t IT HAS DEFINITELY CROSSED HER MIND.


This man isn’t a boyfriend or anyone you’ll call the next day, the second his condom comes off and you zip up the back of your skirt, you’ll part ways and he’s nothing but a gorgeous guy that crossed your path. His muscles were sexy for the night, they helped you cum a few times. Your naughtiness is simply that feeling in your stomach that made you orgasms even harder, the screams, the moans, the marks you left on his hard built body were just for that one night.


Your legs hurt, you try to fix your hair and make it go back to normal in the mirror. Make up back on, hair down and nice, some perfume and you slide your feet back on your shoes as you make your way back to your car to drive home.


How was your girls night out, ‘Good, i got wasted and had lots of fun’ your husband smiles and says good I’m glad you had fun. ‘lots of it’ he laughs and you both go off to bed. If he wants to get some before sleeping as i assume you guys do when your wives go out to drink you know alcohol makes us horny, therefore you’ll get yours and knowing some other guy was making you cum only an hour before that makes you wonder if he can tell.


Guys at this point you are so horny, you’ll just bang the crap out of your wife and cum inside. Not to say your not good at it, i’ve gotten more orgasms at home from my hubby than a one night stand that night but the naughty naughty things girls do…. you can’t begin to imagine.


I’ve been there, done them all. Girls night out is always more fun than just that.


Emily S.

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  1. December 20, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Mmmm mi Amor que Bella , take care sweetheart

  2. Joe

    February 12, 2014 at 3:56 am

    It’s amazing how naive some guys are to this. If she meets a guy that is stimulating and brings something to the table she hasn’t had in a long time, or maybe she’s used to a pedestal at home but the guy next to her is trying to convince her she’s a sex toy, you better believe she’ll clear her schedule to get fucked by him.

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