Ok, so being as honest a well endowed man can be a treat that some
have never seen or know how to handle given the time.

The pleasure to meet a nice sweet guy that takes you out to dinner and
treats you like a lady is just not all that easy to find, now when
that guy reaches the bedroom and the moment gets to undo his belt only
to find out hes packing a huge dick, thats just plain lucky 🙂 lol.
in my case i happened to marry one of those guys, thats why i have a
lil of experience on the matter lol.

From a visual treat, to a huge pleasure in bed if you know how to
handle it. that might just be the hottest sexual experience you might
Anything over 7 1/2 inches to me is considered a huge cock.

I love just looking at it and admiring its size, the power it has just
by knowing it might be one of the biggest penises ive seen or just
knowing it might not be the biggest but it sure is bigger than most
ive seen or had. Although size doesnt always mean best sex ever, it
does help. Ive reached many orgasms from my share of guys, from four
to seven inches, although ive rejected fours cause hmmm wow thats
tiny. i know i know im a bitch, whatever. I’ve cum within two minutes
after being penetrated with an eight incher.. and had over ten orgasms
in a single session so you make the most of it.

Relax your muscles and get into the mood as much as possible, caress
your man and kiss his soft lips. lay him down and get on top of him
and just kiss him and touch his body, kiss his neck and make your way
down his chest all the way to his huge cock. look into your mans eyes
when you are holding his big dick next to you but dont do anything
with it yet, just admire it, caress it, kiss his legs and his balls
with a lil of your tongue out so they get slightly wet. His manhood
will be throbbing in your hand by now with its full power erect,
waiting for you to kiss it. He will be ready, if you cant close your
hands around it, your mouth will most likely not fit around it but
hopefully it will so he can feel the pleasure of you tongue caressing
it while you suck it up and down. if you cant fit that dick in your
mouth you can always suck on it from the sides like an ice pop on a
hot summer day making it wet with your tongue licking it up and down.
caress it with your tongue while you grab ahold of its length, after
its wet use both your hands to stroke it up and down all the way each
way if you can spit on the  head of that big dick so it slides nicely
around your hands and kiss his balls. By now you should be all hot and
wet, i usually like to finger myself a lil while i give him head so
its a lil aroused and stretched for him. Maybe play with three fingers
so it doesnt hurt.

While he’s laying down you must take control, and there’s no easier
position to be penetrated than riding him; your legs will give you
control of how much of his dick to get in you. DONT RUSH IT OR YOU’LL
HURT AND RUIN THE MOMENT. If he is the thick kind of big, you have to
take your time and use lots of lube, although its the most pleasurable
it can be the hardest to get fucked by, if hes all length you’re
muscles will acomodate him once you are horny and aroused, although
anything over eight inches i cant fit i still like to feel him all the
way in. once you are way into the moment you will know what to do, but
the main things to keep in mind are:

1. Patience
2. Be Turned on and into the moment.
3. stretch your muscles a lil before, not your pussy but your legs so
you can squat over him, or simply to get your body relaxed.
4. lick it, stroke it, make it all about foreplay, if he can eat you
out even better so your pussy is ready for him.
5. use lots of lube, huge dicks are AMAZINGGGGGG but with lube they
are just orgasmic.
6. Go SLOW.
7. Tell your partner to let you guide him and you’ll let him know how
hard to go.
8. once you reach your first orgasm, your next one is bound to follow
within a few minutes only and you’ll go from there.
9. Enjoy and have fun 🙂 thats what sex is all about, well that and
reproduction so if you must wear a condom. (important tip, use magnum
condoms as some of the regular kind can be too tight and ruin the
moment if hes not too comfortable, a big dick isnt a treat if its not
rock hard lol).

Emily Salazar.

6 Responses to Handle a Big Dick
  1. March 13, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    So on my Twitter i kept hearing about this post from all my guy followers and they kept saying “i dont need to know how to handle a big dick” lol well it wasnt written for you guys (unless you like that lol) but for the ladies out there that like me have found the HARD way how impossible it is to feel pleasure with huge cock lol. as for the guys, enjoy the picture 😉

  2. September 28, 2012 at 7:37 am

    OH MY GOSH ive been flirting with this guy and i wrote him a damn steamy letter of what i want us to do etc. He came to my office and kissed me, slid his fingers inside me then later pulled out his cock,or should i say snake. Its thick and has length. My jaw dropped and Ive been blushing like a little girl. I just remembered that i promised him anal sex. Im scared now. Ive abstained from sex to keep my vagina tight and he will rip me apart with that. Who ever said jewish men have small penises, needs to see his. You’ll faint. Please let me know how i can have anal without hurting myself.

  3. December 27, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Do you count 4.5inches as tiny would you reject a guy if he had 4.5 long by 4.5 around? What do you count as thick?

  4. zxe

    December 28, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    What a great blogg, not every women has had and likes big dicks, i read this on another site so came to read more, thanks and i will recommend it to friends

  5. February 7, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    Now this is my kinda girl… Amen sister, you give great advice. This is similar to a post I made on my blog a while back… Hope you enjoy.


    We need to work together Emily…

  6. May 7, 2016 at 4:02 am

    This is great! And I’m looking forward to using your tips. Also I liked anal with smaller guys and new guy with 8inch loves anal I just hope my body can take it.

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