A huge thanks to all of the fans for being so extra supportive and so special throughout this journey. Not only for helping me reach 14 million views on my flickr, but for helping me reach above 100k daily views on my site.

Your comments, encouragement, love and support have gotten me through the harder steps of reaching the modeling world. Looking throughout my photo stream I can see the evolution in modeling, photography style and quality of each photo. In case you guys have ever wondered the photographer started out being my husband, then I moved up to professional studio and pro photographer. The poses, photo ideas and design is 100% mine except for the make up which is done by a makeup artist. Some of the photos are taken over and over until I am satisfied with the results since I can’t take my own photos, although I am always with camera in hand considering I’m always hiking or outside (rarely post those pics tho).

For the fans that have asked, yes every single one of the pics is mine and the one featured on them is me (this has been asked many times). Amanda has been on a couple but very rarely posted as I respect her decision to keep her privacy as her significant other, as an artist I hate it lol.

Am I a dominatrix? Yes, I have been in the past and still am. That doesn’t mean I am not your sweet girl that likes pink and loves to be treated like a queen. That is who i am and why it was so easy for me to choose what photography style I wanted to do. It expresses the high sex drive that represents me, from mean to Goddess it is who I am and what you see is what you get. Extremely outspoken, for some might come off as mean but I’m just sincere.I’ve been asked this many many many many times and a clear answer makes things easier.

The whole road hasn’t been all roses, there has been much to learn about legalities, contracts, fees, amongst many many others. Managing has not been super hard since that is what I do on my day to day and finances aren’t away from my daily routine and my degree, so being my own agent was never a hard task. I’ve had to learn how to see through the BULLSHIT in simple words, I’ve met many fake people throughout my journey. People that say they are your friends and turns out they want to backstab you any second (as there are anywhere in the world), but i’ve also met some of the most fantastic people ever. People that are to this day close close friends. From swinging and having hot sex with one another, to just being invited to their vacation homes to have a glass of wine and thats it.

I cannot wait to see how amazing this journey keeps on going and this is all thanks to all of you, I will keep on doing my part and giving you all my creative side. There is just so much more coming as you can only expect the very best from me, because you know theres only one Queen 😉

As you know if you e-mail me it’ll take me a little bit to reply but I will eventually reach out to you 😉

Emily Salazar

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  1. August 28, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    You live an amazing life, thanks for sharing with us…

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