Me n the Hubby like to play this game, where we go to a club as “singles” but were always keeping an eye on what the other one is doing. Its actually very sexy.

I’d get my nicest shortest dress out of the closet, stockings that ride a little lower than the dress and usually for these either the 6″ or 7″ heels that scream orgasm please lol. My usual vicky bras that hug my boobs like a dream and off to shower.

Take my time and ready myself, get my hair done and make up like a model. I go out of the house like im about to have a photoshoot done lol. The hubby does just as much, nice and sharp dressed with a button up [some people say button down lol] top button open, nice slacks i mean ladies we’re talking I’m fucking him on the daily for a reason if u kno what i mean lol. At this point we look like we belong in some modeling stage and i couldn’t love it any more lol. Although i never leave the house in baggy sweats and big hoodie…. hmmm No. I dress up to go to the gas station lol, Tights and a nice tight blouse if nothing else but always a fashionable girl.





Butttt anyway i keep getting distracted, We jump in the car and off we go on a drive a swinger club thats kinda far from home but oh well its well worth it. The fun starts when we walk in as “singles” i usually walk in first by myself and order myself a drink at the bar, and just sit nicely. Guys u already know whats code for come talk my ear off lol. Then he walks in as he goes to the other side of the bar and orders himself a beer. As kinky as this game is, we are there for one sole reason. To pick up two strangers and bring em home lol.

Just seeing him flirt with another girl across from the bar is so sexy just because she has no idea hes married, although im not sure how sexy it is for him to c me smiling at the guy that just bought me my next drink; its very naughty as a whole and kinky. Swingers will be swingers as i like to say, and for me a bigger than average package is a treat lol,  Sorry guys but when i go there i rarely wear panties so if i like the guy and want him to keep trying i usually like to very discreetly slide my dress up just so he gets to see my bare slit, that allows me to slide my hand across his leg and feel his cock and judge if thats what i want for the night lol. Yeah yeah superficial yes, but i kinda want to find myself a nice treat when i slide his pants off.

Its always a fun game when we’re walking into the house and Husband and Wife, introduce their catches to one another lol. I mean if its right and we feel like it we’ll play in the same room, if not we’ll share a different room. Haven’t swinged in a while but i feel like its time lol.


Emily Salazar.

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  1. January 27, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    Following you for a while! Flove your pictures, twitter, and all the roundings on that lovely body ! Keep on going !!! Greetzzzz from Holland XXX

  2. February 10, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    wow eres muy hermosa estoy realmente impresionado con tu precioso cuerpo y tu bello rostro, pero me gustaria que subieras una foto tuya de cuerpo completo mostrando tus bonitos ojos.
    saludos desde chile.

  3. Joe

    January 15, 2014 at 11:40 am

    I love that you feel if he has a nice cock or not, that’s so hot

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