Nikongirl, Applegurl, Blueyedrican, Seducedgirl, EmilySalazar have all been nicknames i’ve been given over time.

Photography as a project started for me simple, with the thought of taking beautiful images that I could share with others. That was when I gave myself NikonGirl since I was such a huge fan of Nikon cameras and their equipment. Yes I am brand loyal and will always be. A good brand that does not let me down has my business until the end of time lol.

When modeling began for me I was given the nickname of “applegurl” by an exboyfriend that had an ass fetish and well I happened to have a round butt and a small waist so he fell in love hopelessly lol My charm n whatnot lmao. But seriously he did fall in love and he called me his applegurl all the time. We broke up, well he kinda annoyed me after a while so I dumped him and ended up keeping the name and that was what many friends called me for a bit. So as my Flickr began to show more and more of my modeling pics I adopted the name of “applegurl” to share on there.

Blueyedrican came from my earlier age while looking for a messenger nickname. Remember AOL aim? well that was my most favorite chat program ever. I can still hear that little sound when you received a message and the “you’ve got mail” line lol. It was fun because it was fast and you could keep up to 200 friends at a time. I got to the nickname because well…..I am half Puerto Rican and Half Brazilian and I happen to have blue eyes so, blueyedrican was my nickname. I actually still use that nickname to this day for many of my things.

Seducedgirl came from a guy that was trying to hit on me at a party and he thought he knew it all. He was one of those arrogant guys that just happened to look really good but just because he thought he was hot shit I was going to let him get it lol. I remember he was talking to me the whole night and he kept trying to get my number, trying to get me to flirt back and i kept avoiding it lol. Girls you know exactly what Im talking about. Well long story short I flirted back to see how far he thought I would go and finally we got to the bedroom of my friend’s house. We laid down and he was going to start kissing me and I remember moving my head to the side so he kissed my neck instead. He laughed and said you like to be a seducedgirl. So It was catchy, i liked it and felt very identified by it. I do like to feel seduced. I like a guy that treats me right and that ultimately does what i tell him to do, but overall that treats me like his Queen. Funny part is his dick got hard and it was right on the side of my leg, i looked at my leg only to see his pants pushed up and laughed. He said whats wrong and I laughed got up from the bed and told him sorry you think you are getting wayyyyy too far here. walked out of the room laughing. That was how i got that nickname, but it isn’t something big in my life.

Then there was Emily Salazar better known to you all as

I decided to start using my own name as my brand because modeling and photography had gotten a little too big for nicknames in my case. I remember in college there was an english professor that always said, if you ever develop a brand name it after yourself so you feel proud every time you make the product. I took his advice and named my modeling after myself hence my first and last name as part of my brand. There is not much to it other than the pride I get to see it every time and what i’ve done, but better yet what more there is to come. What plans i have for it.

One thing is for certain. Modeling for me started as a secondary mission after my original blogging idea from all my craziness. I needed a place to jot down what i’ve done, my thoughts, my horny moments and my insane but loud mouth lol. I needed to share with the world I LOVE HUGE COCKS, and not feel like a tramp screaming it down 5th avenue lol. So this will always be and remain with that purpose and why it started. A place for me to openly express myself, tell my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences, my life, my soul, my annoyances, my happiness, my dreams, my wishes, my lovers techniques, my home life arguments and happy moments, my window to the world, my glamour planner and story telling, my party experiences, my rug burn experiences, my cervix poking moments, my sadness, my insane and crazy personality and overall my photography for you all to see. Anyone that knows me is aware and I’m telling the rest of you all, everyone is allowed to comment and be a part of this conversation.

Most of you are shy and choose to email me, feel free to do so as i will always reply. Might take me some time but I’m not stuck up 🙂 i am and will forever be the same. Goddess, lover, cutie and flirty lol. oh and a bitch don’t forget that one.

Many kisses.

Emily Salazar.

4 Responses to Nicknames and Such….
  1. June 7, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    Lol, luv it! And I too luv big cocks. Glad to watch and enjoy your work. Besos

    • June 8, 2014 at 1:09 pm

      thanks sweetie, aren’t they just marvelous? no offense to anyone lol.

  2. Joe

    June 8, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Nice. My ex once told me how her cervix kept feeling sore down there at work after we fucked and I apologized, but she quickly said “oh no, it just reminds me all day of us fucking”. So if I hit her cervix again during doggystyle, she’d jump forward a bit, but wouldn’t say anything and keep going. I never realized it was a thing some girls relish.

    • June 8, 2014 at 1:10 pm

      It is something hard to describe. It feels almost like anal sex, like it hurts but feels realllllllly good kinda thing.

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