_DSC2756Having an open life can be thrilling, exciting, fantastic and yet it can also be judged and simply not received well. For some of my fans they cannot wait for my next story, some others they think of them as fake, or whorish (if somehow true). However the case might be, having an open life has more than one perk and drawback.

The purpose of this post is to bring to the light a couple of my most openly spoken fans. Although they will not receive any mentions, these are the two people that have labeled me as “whorish, skanky”, and shall I mention “shallow” because I have expressed my personal preference of guys with bigger dicks, lol. Well just a little post to these fellow readers, although you hate my posts you are still reading them. So this goes out to you.

First and foremost my posts are not the final word in the world. Aside from what you think, everyone is entitled to their personal opinion and mine is not the final say in the book. Yes you do flatter me by saying and expressing your feelings about why I like guys with bigger dicks, I live a simple life. One where pleasure ranks higher than compassion lol. Although I love, I mean I adore, I simply worship (lol) big cocks, my opinion is one woman’s and not the whole population.

Secondly, my stories are far far beyond stories. These are actual things that have happened to me because one does not live life unless one explores the world its fullest. Yes for one avid reader, big cocks were not the issue, it was knowingly being with a married man. To you I must simply say, I am sorry. I am truly aware of the fact I have wronged by doing so. The pleasure of the flesh was simply stronger than my own will and I can tell you, you are right. Probably one of the fewest times I will admit I am wrong, however, life goes on and as such I will continue to enjoy my life. Every single story has happened to me, far and much more into detail than I have the time to write these.

Every single one of these written stories have a deep root into my personal life, hence the purpose of this erotic blog. The owner of the blog lives the life to be able to post it based on true experiences. There are in fact since that last post, probably a hundred more meetings. GASPPPPPPP. Yes I have been regularly tested for STDs and it’s all good, probably because aside from living such a crazy open life I do take safely play into a particular important corner of my sexuality. It would be foolish for me to sleep with a hundred guys (figure of speech, don’t get all judgy now lol) without taking safe play into consideration.

Those stories will be posted here as usual, the point of my blog is to share my life with you all. I must say 99% of my fans are quite ecstatic of my newest posts, In fact it takes me a couple of weeks to get back to you all after emails and comments. But then there is that 1% percent that simply take the “it’s my way or the you are a shallow whore” approach. Yes, I am sad to say I have a big penis fetish. I am a size queen, a lover of the bigger things in life, one that loves guys that can fuck for hours and use up a whole box of condoms. Maybe smaller penises are good for some, good cannot be without evil and the word big would not exist without the word small. Whilst small is good for some, I am that one contrasty whore that likes to make the other word in the dictionary, that big fat juicy cock, the one that is throbbing and simply can make you scream your name, his name and the neighbors name.

This is not something to make an atrack out of, it is simply to iNaomi others to enjoy or move on. The purpose of my blog is for those of you guys that want to read it, to get my personal one on one experiences and maybe identify with it. For those of you that don’t have a similar life, maybe you would want to be more adventurous and enjoy life outside your boundaries. Lastly for those of you that do not agree with my posts, to move on and simply enjoy your life as you have always done. This is not the cult of Emily Salazar lol, let’s not all drink the punch. It is the blog of Emily, where personal experiences are posted for (and as I must mention, thousands to read. That’s right you guys have reached the tens of thousands of readers) and enjoy what I have to say. I do not guarantee this post will stay up for long or maybe it will, but I just gotta say. Lighten up and enjoy your life one condom at a time hhahahaha, you only cum as much as you allow your self to.


Ps. This post was written on my iPad and it was saved as a draft about three times, cause of that low battery life. So it was posted as is.

Ps ps  I’m just one email away 🙂

Emily Salazar

4 Responses to Open Life
  1. November 5, 2015 at 6:30 am

    If they have a problem with you they’re not fans. Jerks, idiots, whatever, please just don’t call them fans. You’re a beautiful and, I think, honest and sincere woman who’s sharing herself with us through this blog. Do I read everything you write, no, I’m mainly here to see your, to admire and lust over you. To fuel my fantasies and desires which quite often lead to pleasuring myself. Or as I suspect you’d say it, you turn me on, looking at you and fantasizing about how I’d like to please and tease that hot sexy body makes me hard. And when that happens I quite often end up stroking my hard cock thinking how good it would feel deep inside that hot body, pumping you full of cock and cum. Oh damn, see what you’ve done, now I have a little problem to take care of. I’ll be thinking of you…


  2. November 6, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    Is blogging about your sexuality another way to express your sexuality? The cognitive aspect of sexuality is so intriguing..so vast to explore. Having recently found your writings I feel like a kid in a candy store.

  3. November 12, 2015 at 6:10 am

    I really love the fact that you are a size queen. Your blog is very exciting to read

  4. June 9, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Please tell us more about how you like to cuck the man in your life and that even though he has a big cock how he has to endure sharing your incredible self with other well hung men that service and worship you.

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