Walk into the place with drinking and having fun, you leave your jacket at the front door. That gorgeous outfit you spent all afternoon buying, turns heads instantly. Your fit voluptuous shape calls guys attention like bees to honey, you are the honey, they can undress you with their eyes. Double D boobs being pushed up with a victoria secret bra, a skin tight black dress exposes your 40+ inch ass and contrasts that waist line you work so hard for at the gym. Those long hours working out, daily exercises, sit ups and more have been working wonders you think in your mind.

What exactly are they staring at, at this point its more about the glamour your showing off, 6 inch heels on slim legs, lotion on every inch of them and smooth as silk. Too bad its not summer you think, i would be wearing even less lol. Its the perks of looking good.

A few drinks and a few laughs amongst friends, but always always your mind wanders. You have the night off, your husband is not with you and lets face it you are tipsy, but not on the bad end of tipsy but rather on the light i feel a tingle kind of drinking. You feel like doing something naughty but not really feeling the whole hotel walking out in front of everyone you know scene just with some guy you just met.

The night passes and you are introduced to many new faces, everyone usually seems the same unless they stand out from the crowd by being super sweet to you, or just being attractive. This is when you are introduced to that one guy with the cute smile, every girl knows him. Every girl knows that one guy that has a smile you can’t help it but smile back and inside of you feel a little quiver, one that thinks wow hes so sexy but i wonder if he can talk the talk. This guy knows exactly how to talk the talk, how to walk the walk but sadly you know its just all mack, all game. Does it matter? not at all im here not to marry him, not to be his GF im just flirting back.

The music played at this house parties is usually loud enough and the lighting is so poor it helps for all kinds of being a naughty girl. This is when you grab his hand and pull him to your friends bedroom where it seems others have already made their space, cant look stupid so its time to keep walking and find the bathroom. At this point you know what you want but you dont want to go too far, depends on the mood. Walk in with him and lock the door behind him.

If you guys already know me, in my mind i already have my thoughts ready to go, i want to undress him and find a perfectly fit body, abs the whole package. Its a sloppy, quick moment so its time to get happening. He thinks his skills have gotten him the hottest bitch at the party lol tooting my own horn here lol. We start to kiss and my dress rides up faster than a bullet, for his sake im actually wearing a thong which i rarely do with skin tight dresses.


I stop him and its time to check out your catch, i unbutton his shirt…there they are. 6 pack tanned amazing bodied guy, his arms are sexy and cut. I cant stand it, like a bad girl i kneel down and unzip his pants only to find out a normal sized dick not small average…. lets just say im picky, what you call a size queen but ive been with smaller guys and some of them have reallllllly made me feel like im gonna cum a thousand times lol. So out of his pocket comes this condom and well on it goes by my hands.


Laying down on the bathroom floor he goes, and all i can think right now is the squats at the gym are definitely gonna help here lol i have literally started to ride him, hes so sexy i just caress his chest and kiss his neck, just one hot asshole as he is that douchey kind of guy but i wasnt there for anything else other than what i was getting. He grabs my ass while his dick is being ridden by it, my boobs are bouncing hard so he grabs them with the other hand. TWO minutes into it, i hadn’t even gotten started……and he cums…. OMGGGGGG you gotta be kidding me.

How can you cum in 2 minutes, ok not a 1 minute man, but TWO?? Ugh i get up and i can see it, the condom was full he had done the deed. NOT COOL.

By now all there was left to do was get my heels back on, slip my thong back on and clip my bra on the back. Adjust my dress as he was still laying down there gathering his moment, all i said was “its a good thing im not your Gf” and walked out.

Ok he got the good end of the deal on that one, most of the time its me the one that gets the big dick guys with the awesome bodies, but sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Girls will be girls and we talk amongst ourselves, im sure he wont be trying with any of my friends thanks to me lol. Oh wait i also happen to blog so here it is lol and now you guys know how my weekend went, being the party girl.

Emily S.

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