Ok guys so this is long overdue and I’m writintg this because of the overwhelming amount of emails I’ve gotten based on this.

In a quick sentence, STOP STRESSING OVER PENIS SIZE. An insane amount of people have been asking me about how they feel inadequate and why they feel they couldn’t please a girl because they’re under 8″. I wrote my articles based on personal preference but that doesn’t mean you guys cannot satisfy someone.

If the girl hasn’t had any dicks bigger than their arm which odds are pretty low she has, then you are good. The thing is for many of us the visual turn of a huge dick causes a major horny moment or wet panties. Yes there are loser tiny cocks out there not even going to sugar coat that but that said a 6″ given to a girl that hates her cervix pounded is a total treat. Some women have had huge dicks and they prefer smaller guys altogether, for me it’s the opposite but that’s me not your wives or GFs thoughts.

Not everyone is like me and those are my personal thoughts I share with u guys. That doesn’t mean your wife hates your 5 or 6 incher as some of you have written. If there is something you should know is that women’s vaginas adapt to sizes based on a time period. Meaning we adapt to our new partners dick size after about a three month period. In my case I have a husband that’s 8.5″ and I have sex daily, my swing partners are nothing short of large (because I hand pick them) and when I’m being a hotwife and I come home after sex I get more sex lol. So in short my average 3 month adapting period is just that, based on larger than life guys. That’s not what everyone gets or what they choose to like. Simply happens to be my turn on. Your wives can very much like your body or your smile or your eyes, since this isn’t only a cock based world.

I must stress that a good dick has other qualities than size. Staying up power is a HUGE thing for me. You can be 10″ and if it goes soft after five minutes that’s just unusable lol. If your 6″ can stay up for hours that’s great for wifey. Another huge plus is amount of orgasms you can have. If a man can cum more than once with me that’s probably my biggest turn on. Why? Idk it just is.
Your technique is always praised cause an in and out kinda guy gets boring quick. A guy that kisses my neck as he goes in and maybe teases it out, kinda slaps my pussy lips with it and slides it back in, maybe rub his balls all over my vagina and when I least expect it he plunges it all the way welllllll that orgasm was waiting to happen lol. A guy that can fuck for hours is a keeper for sure, why do u think I’m married lol. Jk jk that was mean. But seriously guys no more working yourselves up over “can I please my wife? “

Most likely you can yes, she married your ass or even your Gf is with u for a reason. Sex is a huge point for women as much as you don’t think it is. I just happen to be open in what mine is. So why do I like big dicks? Idk that’s the way of the world and what I like.
Why am I mean to guys with smaller dicks? Cause I’m just a bitch overall. I’m what a mistress or Dom would be considered and it is my nature. Control and domination are my strengths and simply put no two women are the same. But that won’t mean some girl will laugh if ur tiny and take off ur shorts to have sex.

So go out there and be proud you are not an innie lol.

Emily Salazar.

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  1. July 21, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    physiologically some muscles when stretched produce a feeling of weakness, which during sex i imagine is quite enjoyable for females with the right sized guy. I’ve also heard the first penetration is many women’s favorite, which may play into that

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