Hey guys, once again i decided to write another post. This time i am writing about my goings from photographer to model. I have just reached 10 million views and i thought it was needed to share some insights with my followers.

It all started as a photography project. It was never the idea for me to start sharing my own personal life online, but enjoy the life of the photographer. I was already crazy before I started photography, swinging and all the sort just never thought it’ll be public. We got a small Kodak point-and-shoot camera that had power to take high megapixel photos but without the good quality of a DSLR. I became addicted to taking the camera on my hikes and my runs. Photographing everything on sight, I would not train properly but instead distracted.

Being the crazy girl i am, with hubby we decided to take a few naked pictures one day. Nothing crazy, nothing pro simply me and him nude with a  point-and-shoot camera. We uploaded them on a whim to flickr just because we thought it would be something different to do. We had already turned into swingers long before, so this was not an insane thrill for us. Immediately we started to see how much people took onto what my fitness and workouts had done to my body. There the thrust for more grew amongst the few that started to follow us. We took a few more but we continued our regular lifestyle without a hitch. I continued to swing, he continued to be my swinging partner and together we were the same couple as before. Giving each other the pleasure and gift of the Eros, to enjoy others with the confidence we loved one another and well come home.

As we posted more pictures, it seemed as if we had posted cocaine for everyone was addicted. I started to explore the “selfie” world, while hubby was at work. My own photographs started to come out better than his would ever, and so it was born. My love for the lens, to stand in front of it and show the world what and who i was. It was then that i outgrew the point-and-shoot camera and it was time for our first Nikon D60 to make its way into our hands, my hands. I loved her, that is right that camera was a girl cause she could see me naked and i would not flinch to take off my clothes for her.

The quality of the pictures went from mediocre with high megapixels, to better quality but poor handling on lighting. The D60 performed amazing, as my first dslr i was in love. I wanted it everywhere, i wanted to take more and more pics. It was here and then that the idea to share my sexual life and experiences online was born. I have had one of the craziest and most active lives of the people around me and plan to keep it that way for years to come. Once you understand that the relationship between love and sex does not mean they must be tied together, but enjoyed as pleasure and comfort. These two are not sisters, they are cousins. They can be together or separate and still be just as fantastic in either form. Once you understand this, you’ll understand swinging. Once you understand swinging, you’ll understand the open lifestyle it can lead to and the happiness within you everyday.

I wanted a blog, I wanted to share with the world all the crazy adventures I had engaged on till then and the ones to come. It was then that Ms. D60 was on its way out and in was the Nikon D90. I wanted it so bad, and there it was. Shiny and with a beautiful shutter waiting to capture my reflection. My body figure refracting on its lens, as it kissed me with each click. The blog was born, originally as blueyedrican which is my nickname by many, then as applegurl.com which turned to seducedgirl.com and ultimately emilysalazar.com

This latter comes as I realized I need no nicknames but my own name for representation. This is MY official website and as such it must represent my essence, starting with my name. Throughout this process I was already being contacted by many blog owners to contribute on others blogs with special pictures they wanted me to take. Special mentions, or thanks for unique sites. I was not quite sure about the process to follow but as a NYU graduate, there isn’t quite much i cannot deduce from a book. I learned and was ready for this new adventure. Emily had gone from behind the lens, to subject. From clicker, to model. Although small modeling gigs and such things but it was fun overall. Since then things have gotten quite bigger, from actual websites wanting to feature my content, to more than 10 authors using my photographs for their book covers on hard prints and online versions, blog features, offered modeling features throughout the U.S and invitations to other countries for music videos and photoshoots. From built in point-and-shoot mini camera flashes, to DSLR pop up flashes, to home depot lighting DIY rigs, to professional studio photography equipment and backdrops. From 30 visitors on my site and 200 views on flickr, to hundreds of thousands visitors on the site now and 10 million views on flickr. It has grown quite exponentially and would have never happened if it was not for the first step. Thank you FLICKR for steering me on the path to follow where I would find myself. Thank you for showing me modeling was something I always wanted to do but never felt it wold go anywhere. I have always loved myself, incredible self pride and self love. I am that girl that looks at herself in the mirror and thinks “shit i look fukin good lol”, which is why I am all glamour every single day that passes by. From coach shoes to only the best lingerie, I’ve always been this way and it is all because of the “nothing but the best for me mentality”. I thank you for guiding me right and thank you for what is next to come.

I will continue my passion for photography, my love for modeling and will continue to do what I do best. Sharing my life experiences, inner thoughts and life online. Thank you for following me for this long and continue the support.


Emily Salazar


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  1. Joe

    March 13, 2014 at 11:16 am

    Thank you for sharing Emily. You are a queen among other hotwives and deserve the finest.

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