I wanted to share with you some of my intimate thoughts, places where women like to be, where i like being. Maybe these are places your woman might love being and you dont even realize it 😉

Having my head resting on his chest on a sunday afternoon. 

  • After waking up from a deep sleep and opening your eyes that safe feeling with his arm around your back, he caresses your hair and shows you how much he cares. I love knowing my man is my man and hes all there for me, feeling the beating of his heart on my ear as he breathes, not speaking a word but knowing we are both awake and thinking of each other. We might be nude as we sleep but not touching anything private or sexual, we are one for the moment being, that is one of my favorite places to be.

Getting lost, driving around 🙂 

  • As crazy as it might sound ive had some of my best times ever, i cant believe the amount of times we’ve gone out for a drive just far away, no destination in mind, no knowledge of the area just so we can get lost and have fun. Music in the background and just us being us, being cute and silly thats some of the best memories i have cause they are us being open and vulnerable together.

Being held by the waist while hes Pounding me…

  • Being Held against his body being pressed by his hands harder and harder, as his dick is inside of me thrusting and pushing, moaning and screaming feeling his manliness his rough but sexy style. yeah its not all about romance with me, i like a lot of things lol.

Modeling for a photoshoot (this one might be for all the ladies)

  • All us ladies love the camera, just make us feel comfortable when it comes to picture taking. I love knowing that what i do makes others love my work, i love knowing im the center of attention. i love knowing your eyes are on each one of my curves and you just caress them with your sight.

Emily Salazar.


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  1. November 2, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    You have the most amazing body I have ever seen, and I would love to run my hands all over your chest. How can you have this much curve? it’s just unrealistically voluptuous it’s driving me nuts!

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