Sometimes inspiration for something as simple as a photograph isn’t even in a book, but rather as simple as the sunshine.

The way it caresses down to my skin, i can feel the bathe of light as the points the camera at me. The lens reflection shows me im posing for her, im not making the pose for the picture but rather for her to see me.

As i strip down of my clothes, every garment brings me closer to a vulnerable woman nude in front of her. So she can admire me for all that God has intended and put me on this earth for. Covering up at this point is useless, i can hear her words sweet like honey dribbling by my ear; i like what im hearing.

My moves aren’t quick and sudden, but rather slow and sensual. At this point i dont know if im seducing her, or if she’s seducing me but i am going with the idea that we are both in this together.

The music in the background, each pose is throughout carefully as i stand in front of the backdrop,

Is she looking at me through the viewfinder, or with her own eyes. I can’t tell which is it but her eyes are on me,

I feel warm inside, i went from seducing and being completely nude in front of her to being seduced and wanting her hair caressing me.

Flashes fire on every shot she takes, and my image is captured for her to delight on.

Does she like what she sees? Is the sun dancing on my skin, my curves and my smile causing her what im feeling?

I will never know.

Emily Salazar. 

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  1. April 13, 2013 at 8:47 am

    LOVE, LOVE this post!!!! Hope you were able to use ModelMayhem to find what you were looking for!

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