Ok guys so its been a while since I shed some light on my sex life, and what is a morning without your little personal dose of my modeling 😉

so here are my swinging rules (part 1) 

As many of you already know in my life sex isn’t just an experience or a separate part as in most people’s, but rather the very part of what constitutes fun, excitement and evolution as a whole. The mere act of having sex or having a little fun with another couple, girl or guy within our marriage is what makes it that much more exciting. The fact that i am sexually active with other partners does not mean my standards are any lower than an average girl and I will simply sleep with any other swinger, on the contrary it has raised them so high that sometimes I simply don’t want to mess around because of the lack of cuteness or sexiness in a swinger club / bar / etc… It has to be the right person for me to come home with him / her / or them lol. In occasions i’ve met another couple but I only find the wife sexy and as you will see on my list of rules taking one for the team is not one of them so i have played with her and the guys simply don’t get any wife time that night.

I’ve made a list that my husband and I created prior to swinging in order to keep things in happy terms without interfering with our feelings and keep it strictly sexual. Some of them are flexible and some of them are not, but we always discuss them before hand of he won’t be present or during if he is there. I’m posting this list so it can serve as a starting point if you and your wife / GF / lady or husband (you never know lol) want to start swinging and a set of rules does help a LOT before hand.

Rule # 1

THE WIFE RULES REGARDLESS OF HIS DESIRE. That one is in caps because it overrules all, he knows I am a Goddess and respects me  as a such. If I have a worship guy there is to be no interference.

Rule # 2

Condoms are a must 100%. If he is included in the fun he is to wear a condom for the other girl, if it is just me and another guy thats a must unless I know the guy and we are good friends to the point I know he is clean because diseases are crazy, I’m very healthy and intend on keeping it that way. Girl Girl play is always funner because of this single rule. (this rule cannot be overruled by him if he wants to try another girl, he either wraps it or sits it out)

Rule # 3

Never Ever EVER EVER take one for the team. I will not sleep with a guy i don’t find attractive just so he can have fun with the wife or GF.

Rule # 4

We are allowed to go on single dates. I cannot stress this enough guys, girls hate dudes that simply want to drop their pants and get to business. I might find you attractive but it might not make me in the mood if you aren’t charming or funny or simply a nice guy overall that I can feel comfortable having sex with for a whole night. We are allowed to date outside of our relationship but only with the sole purpose of sex, at the end of the day we come to each other. (he can date too ONLY if I approve of the female before hand).

Rule #5

Dates can be brought back home BUT NEVER have sex in the master bedroom. We have made it a very clear rule that we can bring people home with us as singles to watch a movie or dinner, or bring someone home together but never have sex with them in our master bedroom. The guest room has a purpose in our house, swinging lol.

Rule #6

Kissing is allowed. I know this one is a rule breaker for many people but for us is simply a path to sex, I cannot find sex exciting if I can’t kiss the guy I’m going to be having sex with. In fact a little #factsaboutme is that I am a little addicted to kissing. I can kiss for literally an hour or two nonstop as long as I am enjoying myself and feel perfectly comfortable.

Rule #7

No other relationships outside of ours. With the exception of Amanda who is still living with us by the way 😉 we like to make good friendships that last for a long time and we can have as play friends. That doesn’t mean one night stands but simply keep it strictly sexual. I’ve met with past sexual partners that are simply that and nothing else, no love txts tho lol.

Rule #8

Jealousy stays at the door. There is no room for swinging when there is jealousy, that is why we decided there is no room for it in our lives. He knows I am a swinger, I am incredibly erotic, incredibly sexual, I model nude half of the time and have fans in the most remote parts of the world…. there is no room for jealousy. I don’t feel jealous about him at all either, good looking with a muscular body and a pretty hung dick, I should but Im not because ours is a different style. That’s why our rules are in place 😉

Rule # 9

If we decide to bring people home instead of a hotel room or the other persons house and we wanted to do alone playtime with them instead of couple time, find something else to do because it will get loud. This one is mostly for him because I am a screamer lmao. Yes as weird as it sounds to admit it, I am a screamer and I like to cum. That means I don’t hold back so if he is someplace in the house he will hear it happening lol. It is up to him if he wants to stay and listen or if he wants to hang out with friends, the rule is there for him to use it lol.

Rule #10

Amanda is off limits except for him and I. For those of you that have a marriage or relationship with a third person involved this one is a concern. She has been dating both me and him for almost 3 years by now and lives with us. She is our age and enjoys dating both me and him but does not like the swinging lifestyle, meaning she does not enjoy being sexual with other partners. If this is your case you might want to use rule # 10 so that your third partner is comfortable in your 3way relationship.

Rule #11

NO means NO. This one is a simple and clear one, if either one of us says NO it means No and there is no convincing the other, just accept it and take it for what it is. Respect for the partners decision.


This might seem like a lot of rules considering this is only part 1, but in reality when we are faced with a situation they just come naturally to us by now. It is all about understanding each other, our needs, our kinky moments and simply whatever else is in between.

3 Responses to Swinging Rules (Part 1)
  1. J

    July 21, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    great list. May i ask how often your husband fucks Amanda? Does she ask your permission or anything like that?

    • July 22, 2014 at 9:17 am

      As often as he wants, to be perfectly honest we don’t ask for permission for anything related to her. I personally have developed very strong feelings towards her and when he is away on Army training her and I get to spend more time together in bed than usual lol. He spends time with both of us regularly, the key is to not ignore one for the other because then my jealous side will come out lol.

  2. August 13, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    We like your take on this, very similar to ours. We look forward to your part two!

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