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From Photographer to Model

  Hey guys, once again i decided to write another post. This time i am writing about my goings from photographer to model. I have just reached 10 million views and i thought it was needed to share some insights with my followers. It all started as a photography project. It was never the idea for me to start sharing my own personal life online, but enjoy the life of the photographer. I was already crazy before I started photography, swinging and all the sort just never thought it’ll be public. We got a small Kodak point-and-shoot camera that had …
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Swinging in Miami

  Never in my wildest dream would i dare imagine i’d be swinging in miami lol. but i guess some dreams do come true and so do some fantasies. We went to Miami on vacation just to get away from the everyday life and for one week we realized eventually we would love to move there, its magic, sexy people, happier than new york lol thats what took us there for a ride. oh and i didn’t mention its swinging clubs lol. Some people think because I’m a wife i don’t do these kinds of things but its really all …
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