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Penis Size no stress

  Ok guys so this is long overdue and I’m writintg this because of the overwhelming amount of emails I’ve gotten based on this. In a quick sentence, STOP STRESSING OVER PENIS SIZE. An insane amount of people have been asking me about how they feel inadequate and why they feel they couldn’t please a girl because they’re under 8″. I wrote my articles based on personal preference but that doesn’t mean you guys cannot satisfy someone. If the girl hasn’t had any dicks bigger than their arm which odds are pretty low she has, then you are good. The …
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The Hotwife

Being the hotwife is a lifestyle, it is not about having sex but about living the benefits. Having the right attitude and sending the right signals to your husband or lover. It is all about control and having lots of it. I am his hotwife and he knows it just as he knows his place. What is a hotwife in the first place? The definition might vary from person to person but the general idea is still the same. A hotwife is a wife that plays around with other men with the full knowledge of her hubby or boyfriend. His knowledge …
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Million Views

    A huge thanks to all of the fans for being so extra supportive and so special throughout this journey. Not only for helping me reach 14 million views on my flickr, but for helping me reach above 100k daily views on my site. Your comments, encouragement, love and support have gotten me through the harder steps of reaching the modeling world. Looking throughout my photo stream I can see the evolution in modeling, photography style and quality of each photo. In case you guys have ever wondered the photographer started out being my husband, then I moved up to …
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Little Butt Workout

A little video from a past photoshoot. Enjoy.   Emily Salazar.

Farewell Nikon D90

As some of you know here, the next camera right after my D60 was the sweet sweet Nikon D90 that I have been using for a few years now. Modeling has been split between a D300s and my D90 and whatever the photographer is using when I visit studios but to me mine was simply my favorite. I have grown very fond of the D90 personally, not only for my modeling but it also was a very rugged camera that survived many cruises, trips to a few countries, hikes and wild life outside treatment, a few accidents (like dripping KY jelly all …
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