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Hottie Shaving (VIDEO)

Hey guys, so to answer a few questions in a different angle i figured why not post my “hottie shaving” video I get a ton of e-mails, some of them are simply with questions and some others are just sweet emails from fans. I decided to take the time to post some answers. Q. Are my boobs real?  A. Yes, they are absolutely and undoubtedly real. Absolutely ZERO surgery here.   Q. What size are they? A. Depends on the bra, 34DD or a 36D on some of my bras.   Q. Liposuction? (idk why someone would even ask that lol)  …
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Slutty Mind

  Dear Diary:     Inside my head You will find the sluttiest thoughts. A classy girl that is not scared to say things blunt. A girl that can’t  get front point A to point B without getting tangled on a thong. A girl that makes Fashion meet creativity, love curiosity and hangs with courage; one that makes adventure turn into a Diva and that Diva is that girl, as she writes to you on this Sunday. Emily Salazar.