It isn’t about the orgasm itself. The pleasure lies in the quest to an orgasm.

Its not that you get there (not that every woman can 🙂  ) but it is how you get there. Seduction being an art, it is like drawing; practiced by many, mastered by a few.

Taking that shower before your date and the thrill of knowing you are getting ready specifically for that one person, you are putting your best hair gel just for him or her and you can’t wait to see their face when they see you.

Looking for that cute thong you know makes your ass look like a Goddess on earth, its just simply thrilling. Maybe its just me but half of the orgasm is the quest to it. Courtship? not at all, this isn’t the 1890s. Its all about how they talk to you, the smell in the air. it is all about sharing that experience together.


Getting out of the shower only to rub lotion all over your legs still glistening from the hot water beads rolling off of them. Its an intoxicating scent, but yet it makes you feel those butterflies in your stomach, will it be a good date?

Get that little black dress on, that you know you cant drop your keys because if you bend over your micro thong is out there to show the world exactly what it looks down there lol.

Earrings matching your necklace, every detail must be precisely matched to one another. The perfume mixed with the hair gel will give him chills just to know you smell that good for him.

Your shoes, 6 inch black heels  caressing your feet as you walk, cant go wrong with those.

Seeing his face when you open the door to greet him, none other like that.

Flirting has never been a bad thing, the second he touches your hands or rubs your legs the chills down your spine are felt throughout your whole body. Its building….

You can smell his cologne too, admire him just the same way he is admiring you. You want him, just as bad if not more than he wants you but you can’t show it.

An intense kiss that sends your hair into a mess, your make up so meticulously applied as long as it took to get it right was all for this one moment, so when he smears it all you know you’ve done a good job. Your clothes as careful as you were when you had them on, acting like a lady is out by now, you are his slut and that dress became a belt cause its so far up and down your breasts.

Your perfume, you smell like him now… Its all worth it because inside of you lies the strongest orgasm you’ll experience. You want this and you cant wait with his teases.

That thong you so carefully selected is now on top of some dresser somewhere in the room probably not to be found.

Before you realize it, he is so deep inside of you in one swoop, you feel like your breath has been taken away. before you can continue to catch the moment it is there, that long orgasm you’ve been awaiting has reached your doors. Your muscles clench, your whole body shakes as he doesn’t stop but rather keeps on pushing harder and harder. You are in ecstasy, your abs are as hard as they’ll ever get trying to ride the moment, his body being so much stronger than yours keeps pushing his gorgeous manhood inside of you till you collapse.


You lay there in the bed resting for those quick 10 seconds while the room stops spinning, your heels are still on, your dressed is wrinkled and messed up. Your hair is all over the place and that make up is smeared beyond saving… you’ve reached your orgasm on that quest. ….. Time to get back on and keep enjoying…


Emily Salazar. 

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